Monday, October 19, 2009

Ghost Adventures: Poveglia Italy Nov 6th

I received a press kit giving me a bit of insider info about the upcoming 7-hour live “Ghost Adventures” lockdown at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum on Travel Channel October 30th. I’m actually having my Halloween party that night, but will be running the live episode on the big screen in the living room during the party while I tape it. I fully expect that even if they sit still the whole time, things will definitely happen. That place has the perfect set of ingredients for lots of activity. Here's just some of the reasons; a lunatic asylum that was over 10 times its capacity in the archaic times of tortuous treatments, one of the largest stone buildings in the US (you know what stone can do), ideal geology, and a train track and river right beside it. I think these guys will be wrung out by the time they’re done.

I also got to have a nice sneak preview into the fresh and different season premiere episode to be shown on November 6th. I say fresh and different because it’s international—in Italy, and because the location is both incredibly tragic and gorgeous. Only Italy could do something so gothic. And, it appears to be an ideal setting for a really interesting episode. What I saw of it certainly whet my appetite for more.

So, I thought I’d give you a heads up, since I usually tell you about the Halloween shows, this one is just after Halloween when we’re all kind of feeling the phantom limb syndrome when TV abruptly stops our haunted supply. So, my friends, the well has not run dry. Apparently, Zak and the gang know when to start up a new season.


  1. Can't wait for it, either. My friend, the one that I used to ghost hunt with all the time, works at TALA. He's the one that has the website that I sent you a few months back. He gives ghost hunting tours...I'm hoping to get a private tour there soon. Wouldn't that be awesome?? Thanks for the heads up. Love those GAC guys!

  2. Wen will we see it again I am dying to watch it my brother said it was amazing hope to see it soon