Monday, October 19, 2009

Evil Walks the Halls

(For all my followers, I'd like to mention that this short story is actually an entry being submitted to Travel Channel for a contest for chosen bloggers. The goal is to write a short story with 2000 or less characters based on the hauntings at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. I've been doing shorts every day for this Halloween season, but this one will stand on its own as a new an interesting challenge for today. Enjoy!)

He had killed the nurse two hours into her shift with great delight. Although He could not feel the sensations of the blow to the head, He did guide the patient’s hand. And, He kept her hidden for two whole months before enjoying the staff’s shock and fear when they found her. He’d tossed the woman’s body at the base of a rarely used stairwell where the frightened workers had looked before. Oh, how He had enjoyed those pranks.

Walking the now empty halls, He missed the patients in the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. They had been even more helpless at the hands of the doctors with their delightfully torture-like ways of handling outbursts. It pleased Him to no end to watch the electroconvulsant “therapy,” the dramatic lobotomies, and the screams as the patients were guided into a water treatment that left them silent for weeks. It was more entertaining than any show even He could invent.

As if the stupid humans intuitively knew where and how to do it, they had erected in the 1860s an edifice, not only meant to torture the tortured even more, but to lock the pain and memories within. They built it of stone atop of limestone, beside the energy of a rushing river, burying many of the thousands who died there upon the grounds. The result of this perfect combination of conditions was a custom-built home just for Him and His deviant pleasures.

Evil walked the halls as He did so every night, awaiting a chance to influence the living. Such a chance was coming. He could smell it in the damp autumn winds of West Virginia. Three men dared to challenge Him. To lock themselves within His private walls and expect to leave the same as they had come.

He chuckled, the walls vibrating with His demented cackle, His footsteps echoing through the corridor as He headed to welcome the team that would be “guests” in His private domain.

He would greet them with a brisk chill down the spine, perhaps stare at them until they were unsettled. Then, He might play with their man-made instruments to confuse them while He drained their batteries. Following that, He would apply pressure upon their heads and chests until they whined and complained of the sensation. And, that would be just a subtle “hello.” He had much more planned this evening.

In fact, when Evil was done, the encounter with the nurse so many decades ago would seem like child’s play.


  1. Great entry short! Are we able to go and vote for you? You are such an amazing talented and I'm previledged to have "met" you. =)

  2. Michelle;
    You're so sweet and supportive. I have to admit, this one took me an hour to write because every variation I tried was too long. It really worked my skills. I wish you could vote, but Travel Channel employees will be doing it. Fingers crossed!

  3. Since we did a blog about Ghost Adventures, we got an email about the contest too but didn't intend to enter. I like yours and wish you lots of luck in winning. BTW, is the evil that walks the halls named Zak, Nick and Aaron, lol?

  4. Ah, naw, they're the new "nurses"
    (Mwa ha ha ha)

  5. oh, i love this! i've been watching the travel chn a lot this month!! and this is a really great short! if they don't pick it, they're losers!

  6. Libby;
    You're such a pocket of sunshine. Thanks. I admit, Travel Channel is great usually on Friday's because they show spooky stuff, but Halloween time, they're really shining!

  7. Hahaha-Loved Julie's and some other comments hehe!! I can't believe I missed your winning entry!! being online/offline so much definitely has its disadvantages!!! best as always!!