Sunday, October 4, 2009

Escape Monday

I'm putting this in a bit early because tomorrow morning I have loads of chores to do before work. Enjoy this film. It's a tour of an abandoned mining island called Hashima in Japan that was left to sit and age for 30 years after they no longer mined there. The man on the tour is a former childhood resident coming back to see it. It's been closed off for 30 years and only recently was reopened for people to tour. I can't imagine how cool that would be--like Chernobyl, but even older! Near the end of the video, you'll see the man in the old room of his family's home. There's an old TV sitting there. They cut away to a family picture of them with the same TV in it from 30 years ago. Very chilling. Very cool.


  1. Coooool.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Really spooky place! How intense this must have been for him!
    By the way, today i will buy a billion lighters and hide them all around the house! Thanks for the tip!
    They will see! They will all see!
    Oups! Time for my medication!

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  4. Thanks Justin,

    Georgina; you'll outsmart them! Hope you enjoyed the harvest moon.

    Damned; Sure!

  5. cool video! very spooky indeed. i wonder how many ghosts are floating around there?
    i voted for creeper, that sucker can fly!

  6. Sandra;
    I voted for him too. That scene in the movie where he walks around the edge of the church and looks at the kids looking at him, kind of saying "I know you see me and I see you" I thought was the single scariest moment in a movie ever!

  7. I loved this video! Both creepy, beautiful, sad, haunting, and nostalgic. Thank you so much for posting!

  8. Autumnforest-this video was so cool-and so sad in so many ways! Like Chris Knowles at the Secret Sun said quite awhile back-for every video of some idiots lighting farts or something on you tube there are people who really make some treasures -this video really made me feel a lot of things on different levels -am going to save it to faves! that place looked to me like i always imagined a post-apocayptic world would look like!! thanks again!! I picked "Creeper" -I guess a lot more are scared of Freddy haha-now that I think about it I shoulda picked him too! all the best to you as always!!