Monday, October 12, 2009

Escape Monday: Scotland in Autumn

I have a list of places I most would love to visit that include Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Lapland, Scottish Highlands, and Nova Scotia (see a cold theme?). I saw this ad and thought—what a getaway! It’s very effective. Enjoy your Monday escape from the routine.


  1. Ireland would be a good place too. I have a horror/scifi author friend who is there right now. He said it was cheaper to travel to Ireland in October.

  2. Seriously? Cheaper in autumn? Wow! I would think it'd feel really amazing and magical. I couldn't resist, but had to look up Nova Scotia and Iceland autumn videos on YouTube. The only way I feel autumn here is to go into the pool (72 degrees) at nighttime when it's maybe 72 outside. Then, I actually recall the chilly noses and fingertips and moist cool air. Ahhh....

  3. I'd love to visit all those places too. I've been to England once, and I'd love to go back. I'd really love to go to Scotland...not only do I like the atmosphere and culture, I just love listening to Scottish people talk! I wouldn't mind living there for a little while actually.

    I love the cooler weather too. When I've traveled overseas before, I've alway traveled in late winter. It's not only a little bit cheaper, but its less crowded too. I think you really get a better feel for the places you visit when you go there sometime other than tourist season.

  4. Love the cooler weather. And it is chilly today. Put on a sweatshirt when I stepped outside and fund so. But thats fine with me.
    But yeah, Tony Ruggiero said he found it was cheaper to travel to Ireland this month. Why he missed Monster Fest this past saturday in Chesapeake.

  5. Oh Pamela; Please fill your belly with blue crabs for me--I SO MISS THEM!! At our summer home in Newpoint, I used to be the one to fill the crab traps with chicken necks and drop them off the dock and retrieve the buggers when it was filled (since my hands were small enough to fit into the chicken wire). I miss going clamming/oyster hunting way out in the bay at 4 am when the world was dark and quite and the tide was really low. We used to plant the veggie garden and then come back in the summer to a full grown garden, tons of seafood, and playing on our cabin cruiser. I was so influenced by it, that I still to this day love having a veggie garden and eating from the earth and being with nature.

    You lucky boy! I'm 47 and still have never left the freakin country! I keep saying I'll make it a priority but maybe when the house is paid off in 2 years I can finally plan that trip to Scotland. I promised my mom I would go see the family castle and pick a twig from a rowan tree (have no idea what they look like). I promised my dad I'd get back to his family mansion in Norway, but I heard the family is not friendly to having American relatives (I guess we're the poor white trash of Europe?) I had no idea they'd be so stinky. I heard they still have the family stuff up in the attic. I'd love to see some of the heirlooms. They were a very wealthy iron works family in Norway until WWI ruined the business. They got caught shaping iron into church bells and selling it to Germany (weren't supposed to take sides), so my dad and his family had to come to America and start new. Thankfully! I admit it'd be cool to be Norwegian, but I love my country so much because it's not any one flavor or culture. :-)