Dolls Are All Done!

It took a while, but now they're all set up and ready to age for the next few weeks. My son went back to the abandoned site and got me the cool birdcage, the creepy Halloween mask, and the headless doll that's super dirty. He made some other amazing finds there that he hopes to use for an "urban archaeology" art project. I told him he should recreate the setup of the strewn stuff in the gallery and let people sort through it like he did.

You can see the mask and the little barbies in one shot, the dolls along the top of the shed in another (the doll on the right will have a glow stick in its head--it's missing its eyes), there's a head on a stick, a doll done up with crackling medium, all of the dolls with the sheet where the movie of dolls being dissected will be projected, the headless dirty doll is in another picture, and the bad dolly in a cage in another shot.

Yes, it is rather demented, which is the objective of the whole display. Most seating in the gardens will face towards that area. There's also a cemetery with ghost and lightning area and a reaper near sand with black birds, bones and beaten cloth sticking out of the sand. People in the main gardens won't have trouble being frightened. The pool area will have massive spider webs and giant spiders. I still haven't determined what will be in the pool. I'm leaning towards debris since it's post-apocalyptic. Can't have it too sparkling. I'm also going to put a red lens on the pool light. The entryway will be guarded by Modi the huge mannequin dude with radioactive stickers and tons of white crosses for graves in the yard and lightning flashing. All in all, I'm ahead of schedule. Today's my day off, so I'm hoping to get the gardening tasks done, i.e. finish the stupid flagstone walkway I've been avoiding.

I can't wait to film it and take photos on the night of the party so you can see how weird it is at night. I went for a walk in the garden last night and it was very unsettling. Just like Doll Island. You feel like they're all watching you and I swear the one with crackling stuff on it moved! Really!


  1. Can't wait for the photos and video of your party either. The dolls look great.

  2. Perfect timing! I'm drafting a post right now and came to check out your blog to snag links about your dolls...but then you had this up making it so handy for me! Thanks! (And they're disturbingly creepy. You're really setting a phenomenal stage for your guests. What a Halloween party it will be!)

  3. Hey Julie;
    I can't wait to document the party too. It should be fun.

    Wow--we must think alike. I know that setting with the creepy movie playing will definitely be unsettling. I'd like to try and set up the projector ahead of time with the movie to be certain of where it should sit in relation to the shed and if it'll show up okay with the dolls around it. I'm hoping the projector movie will provide enough dull light to show the dolls off around it. If not, I'll have to adjust lighting. I'm hoping to get some pictures of it when I set it up, so ya'all will see that ahead of time.

  4. freaky cool, especially that dummy, eeek!
    looking forward to the party photos too!

  5. I agree with Julie,Courtney, Marbella and Pamela! Very cool and very creepy Autumnforest!! I wish I was more creative with my hands and I would make you a "Cthulu" doll for your party! the perfect topper offer to any post apocalyptic get together! all the best to you and your family!!

  6. A cage? You win the demento' award. I had a big monkey grab me from inside a cage once.

  7. An @eloh demented award? Why, thank you, I accept graciously. I'm glad I could unsettle you. :-)


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