Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coulrophobia: Fear of Clowns

Truth is scarier than fiction. For example, the movie “Clownhouse”(above) This 1988 movie has a filming history scarier than the movie (and the movie is pretty scary). When you learn the background on this film, suddenly the trailer and the movie itself become even more sinister than the fear of clown intentions with which it was made. Some movies have reputations like the curses of “The Exorcist” and “Poltergeist,” but this movie has a reality that causes a fright.

Victor Salva, the director of the film actually molested the young boy who starred in the film and had the disgusting idea to film the molestation. Thankfully for prosecutors, he did. He served 15 months of a 3-year sentence for it. When the director went on to direct the film “Powder,” this enraged many people who decided to boycott Disney for hiring him. In fact, the young actor who had been molested at the tender age of 12 lead the protests. And, although they made sure during the filming of “Powder” that no young men were on the set, his proclivities towards young men shows in all his works. When viewing this trailer, you can see that Salva was preoccupied by homo-eroticism. He eventually went on to work in the popular movie “Jeepers Creepers” which also, like “Powder” and “Clownhouse” had a disturbing feel to them in relation to young men.

So, there’s horror and then there’s horror and sometimes, there’s horror with horror. This is one of those cases. Ironically, this was a seriously disturbing movie to watch and it did its job of scaring anyone who hates clowns and perverts.


  1. Shudder re: the clowns and triple shudder re: the director's proclivities.

  2. Wow thats horrible Autumnforest! Man he should have got so much more of a sentence! It was kind of a synchronicity tonight seeing this because I had just got done emailing another blog friend about how a girl I knew in high school was molested by her father and one of my "ex's" -his father raped him and his dad was a police officer-so where could he have turned? of course he was so young at the time he couldn't have done anything but I was like how sick-that to me would be the ultimate abuse of trust -a parent -the mom or dad having any type of sexual activity with their child-just so many sickos in the world!
    BTW thanks so much for your well thought out comments under Lovecraft and sorry I am too tired to answer them better ! was just going to bed when i checked email and saw that I had comments-thanks so much for them and I really appreciate it!
    all the best to you my friend!!

  3. Dev;
    Glad you enjoyed my responses. I love the series you did. You get some rest.

  4. After watching "IT" and a couple of other creepy clown shows and movies, I now have a fear of clowns. They are just as creepy as dolls and puppets.

  5. Julie;
    I agree. I'd love to add a clown doll like the one from Poltergeist to my yard display. What's really cool too is that Halloween is the day after my party, so I can use the dolls out there and the pumpkins and the graveyard and ghost. My front is usually one of the best in the neighborhood, but this year it should kick butt!

  6. Wow. There's really a name for this? Wild! I never was scared of clowns...until one came chasing me with a flipping chain saw at Halloween Horror Nights!