Chilean Alien Baby

I admit I was thrilled when “Destination Truth” rushed to Chile to look at some mines that were supposedly inhabited by little alien creatures and the strange lights seen around the area. They did have some interesting occurrences involving lights and the possible finding of a chicken skeleton wrapped in cloth (sans its head) which was probably some kind of ritual offering to ward of bad things.

I’m interested in Chile because it has the largest copper mines in the world. It is also part of the world that has an enormous amount of UFO sightings. Whether mining and lights go hand-in-hand, I can’t prove, but I do think there is definitely a connection. I also can’t say if they’re UFO lights or they’re spooklights created by the awesome earth composition there.

In searching for what’s up with the supposed “Mexican alien baby” (much touted on “Monsterquests” episode about flying humanoids), I got diverted by the possibility of another “alien baby” in Chile in 2002.

The article on this site was utterly fascinating. Now, I’m about the last person to buy into online hooey or urban legends or any other kind of suspicious story, but I do enjoy conjecture and theories. Sometimes, when these sorts of stories end up being hoaxes, they do prove an important event.

How is that possible?

They make us stop and study something logically, rationally, critically, and then when we have moments of doubt, we consider what we would do if this thing truly was real.

I don’t mind that kind of mental exercise. It’s precisely why I study hauntings and the theories behind them. They keep my skills up because even when I’m debunking, I ask myself “if I can’t find out what caused this and I come to believe it’s truly unexplainable, what is it? What do I do with it?”

The story of this intriguing Chilean alien baby is that in 2002, a vacationing family came across this little creature that was just under 3” long. Apparently, a child found it under the bushes, wrapped it up in paper and it the thing lived for 8 days, sometimes opening its eyes. For now, the family keeps the little mummified “thing” in their own keeping. There’s talk of having it tested but it doesn’t seem like this is going anywhere.

What can we determine from this unusual case?

Well, for me, it’s that alien babies are way cool! I have to admit a fascination with the concept. I can’t quite figure out why this happens south of the border only, but I do hope to find out if such cases have occurred anywhere else in the world.

If this is a mental exercise in “what would I do if…” then, my logical mind says this is an earthly life form, perhaps a cave dwelling creature. Why am I doubtful this thing is a real alien from space? Jeez, about a thousand reasons, but the ultimate one would be basic commonsense.

Take humans for instance. We have opposable thumbs that make us able to create things with our hands. Our ability to walk upright makes us able to cover ground while holding a weapon in our hands. Our advanced cranial capacity gives us powers unlike any other creatures we come up against, the ability to reason and plot. Why would a creature so very tiny, frail, and delicate have developed advanced machinery to reach earth? That would, to me, show a propensity (like man) to manufacture. Manufacturing involves heavy work from ore to metal to construction. If you have a creature with a very high level of intelligence but not much physical strength, you’re more likely to find a creature that’s overly developed in telepathy and the spiritual realm, not the “I fly from here to there” realm. It's natural to work with what you have, and these little land-dwelling shrimps do not have brawn.

You know me, I enjoy conjecture. I just had to write this one up tonight when I found the article. It got my mind thinking and you know that’s a crazy pastime for me.


  1. Autumn you have got to see a new show on A&E...Extreame Paranormal.

    Rarely do I wish for people around when I'm trying to watch something...But I'd give anything to sit down and watch this with you. Of course someone would have to record our EVP's....OMG.

  2. Fascinating stuff.
    I will check out that link.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. How weird that you said that!
    No, 10-12 h ago i did n't feel it(i was asleep), but a couple of days ago i had the same dream about you. I did n't want to mention it, so you would n't think you now have a greek crazy stalker! The weird thing is that i saw you! I have seen your pictures in the past but i did n't take time to notice them. After the dream i came in here, checked the photos and youo were like i saw you.
    The dream was so vivid and realistic. I was kind of nervous about my accent..and filled with enthusiasm!

  4. I do not believe this could be an alien either, but it is still cool!

  5.'s really tiny. It would be nice to have seen some video of it when it was alive.

  6. I love all the crypto shows! Somehow I missed the one with the alien baby!

    I am super skeptical of most things, but at the same time, wish someone could prove one to be true, lol!

    Remember a while back when those men tried to pass off a suit as a big foot? When I first heard about that, I was so excited, lol!

  7. this is neat! i don't really believe it, but it's a neat thing!

  8. @eloh; I do admit I tried to watch the show one time, but it didn't have my attention. I do enjoy Ghost Lab (on tonight on Discovery), but admittedly it can be hard to get past the Nascar-like personalities and matching T-shirts these big ole boys wear, but I'm very excited about the kind of testing of theories and speaking with professionals that's needed in the field.

    Justin; I think if you read that article you'll feel very uneasy. Even if it's a hoax, it's brilliant.

    Georgina; I remember the dream had a fairy tale quality and the strangest thing was you were in it, and I think your boyfriend was in it, but he was in the background. I remember we were talking and there was a view out the window and I think I was confused because for some reason you didn't live in Athens or you didn't live near the ruins or something and I had imagined in my mind you were more centrally located in the city. There seemed to be water nearby too, some kind of lake or perhaps we traveled to it. I wish it weren't so vague, but I had a bunch of dreams that night that had me visiting others. I woke up feeling like I knew you. You're a very peaceful person and you have the prettiest skin I've ever seen--sounds weird, but I always notice people's complexions. It's funny you mention your accent because I had Greek friends in my teens and I was quite used to their accent, but what fascinated me was the way you kept trying to slow down to explain something and it took me a minute, but then I figured out what you'd just said. You didn't seem to think you were making sense, but I understood you. I think I missed a few words and that's why I couldn't figure out where in relation to the ruins you lived. This is so cool! I didn't mean to pop into your life in a dream, but I'm glad I did. That's been happening a lot lately when I make connections with people. We definitely didn't have enough time to hang out together. I just knew we'd click. Oh, and I like your hair. How do you keep it so soft?

    The family's story in some ways actually adds up, in others it's very strange. They say they kept it wrapped up in the paper for 8 days and sometimes it opened its eyes, but no one took it to the vet. They said they thought it was dead, but it was warm and not cold. Hmm... I hate when this happens in these countries, miraculously they don't seem to get it to the right authorities or testing...

    Mrs.B; You should scan the Monsterquest schedule for the flying humanoids. I think it was called "Terror in the Sky." It was the creepiest episode EVER! I do admit, the bigfoot suit and balloon boy should go down into the hoax records. I certainly hope if the big furry guy is found, it's not a media circus and a $ making event, in other words, I hope Tom Biscardi is not involved.

    Isn't it a hoot. If I find more alien babies around the world, you'll be hearing about it on here. I'm keeping up on the flying humanoid story to see if more have been sighted recently.

  9. It is funny you mention my skin! I have been truly blessed. Even in my teens i did n't have pimples! Thank you for your nice words! You can come by whenever you want! I love visitors!

  10. Georgina;
    I wish I had more control over who I visited--it's probably up to me to figure out how to guide my little sleep-time starship. It does appear for all purposes that I did astral project to Greece. I must admit that I've been doing this a lot lately in my sleep and sometimes I wake up sleeping foreign languages I don't recognize which is very disorienting and intriguing! It took me a lot of listening and research to realize one that I often speak is spoken by the Sami where my grandmother grew up in Lapland Sweden. I do hope I get to go back there. In my mind, Greece has always been a kind of life party--full of great food, appreciation for life, wonderful expressive people, and beautiful water and islands. I spent a lot of time doing paintings of the islands there and the hillside villages and I'm fascinate by the colors and the warmth and the smell in the air. It's so foreign to anything I've ever known here. Next time, if I manage to see you again, I'll have to give you a clue word or something so we know we met again...

  11. Fascinating information as always Autumnforest and I really enjoyed readint the comments to this article too-I love conjecture also-actually i could conjecture until the end of time if we were allowed to live that long haha-which of course brings to mind -Is there an end to time? :-)all the best to you and your family!!!


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