Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Attention Devin; Julie; Libby: It's Time for a Mad Lib

I enjoyed doing the Mad Lib format so much for one of my Halloween shorts, that I thought I'd call on three more followers to provide the elements for another short.

Devin: I'd like you to give me a character. You can be simple or descriptive, for example a paraplegic professor of archaeology or a miner.

Julie: I'd like you to give me a location. This can be descriptive or basic, for example a gothic abandoned castle in Romania or a prison cell.

Libby: I'd like you to give me a creature. This can be real or imagined, for example a unicorn or the Devil.

Once ya'all respond with your elements, I'll put together the Mad Lib style Halloween short story. Thanks in advance for your input.


  1. I have to give you one of my favorite locations that have been featured on some shows, a haunted forest! I also love the old Frankinstein castles too. Thanks for letting me in on the fun.....

  2. Julie;
    Love you input! Thanks. I got Libby's creature, and now I'll go bug Devin and see what I can get from him. You'll like today's short--it's a traditional haunting. I should have it up in a half hour probably.

  3. Ok-this is from my life -how about a very handsome illegal immigrant (Mexico?-anywhere?) -if you need more he is poor and the one person he loves is poor also -but he has a situation come up where he has to choose between love and money (ghost style-haha don't know how you'd do that but i know you are creative enough to do it!! of course it would prob be better for him to be str8 for your story;-)

    here is an extra if that doesnt work out -more basic- he is kind of in something i am writing now but i don't mind sharing at all - a husky man built like a bear kind of like the Brawny guy haha and dresses like it -but very very effeminate -he is a chef in an expensive scottsdale restaurant
    I hoped one of these helped you and of course if changing the sex to female is suits your story better do so !!
    all the best to you my friend!!

  4. Duh-haha-thought it might be a little hard to change the sex of the Scottsdale chef -my brain isn't turned to on position yet-all the best!!

  5. Thanks Dev;
    As soon as you gave me the character, it call came together. Should expect it up on the blog tomorrow