Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is it with Women and Vampires? The Secret Revealed!

Above: “Drinking by the Moonlight” by Hong Ling Yang

Anyone who’s read my blog long enough probably knows I write erotic horror. There’s no way to approach the genre without first becoming fascinated with vampirism. I was in a Halloween shop talking to my friend. We were discussing our fascination with men at Halloween parties who dress as vampires.

The sales guy couldn’t help inquiring about why women are so fascinated with vampires and “Twilight” and “all that sh@$!”

I thought about it a moment and went over the usual culprits. The concept for women that the man mesmerizes her, forces his will upon her, and she was simply a victim of the encounter, but that’s so Victorian. Women certainly don’t need an excuse for why they had some hanky panky any longer.

I looked at my friend as to say, “should I give away the female secret?”

She bravely nodded.

“Well,” I explained to the eager middle-aged man who at this time in his life should have known the secret… “women have a direct line to their groin via their head and neck.”

“Hmm?” He baffled.

“Remember the old days, early in a relationship when you made out with your girlfriend and you’d basically be necking? Was it hard to get her to sleep with you after that?”

“Nope.” He admitted.

“When the relationship moved on and you weren’t putting out the head and neck attention, did you notice a decrease in her desire to sleep with you?”

Forehead wrinkled, eyes grew round.

“If you nibble on a woman’s neck, tickle her ears with your tongue, hold her head in your hands, run your hands through her hair, kiss her mouth…you get and instant reaction from her…usually grabbing at you and forcing herself upon you in a state of frenzy.”

My friend’s face turned bright red. So did the clerk’s. He nodded imperceptibly and left behind his desk to hide (no doubt the results of the conversation).

My friend prodded me with her elbow, “why did you give him the secret?”

I shrugged. “Every now and then I like to serendipitously dispense the secret to a man who seems lost.”

Vampires aren't just a romantic tale told in movies to make women swoon. There are people who profess to be vampires and to adhere to a vampire lifestyle. These alternative lifestyles have always intrigued me.

According to Wikipedia “The vampire lifestyle is an alternative lifestyle, based on the modern perception of vampires in popular fiction. The vampire subculture has stemmed largely from the Goth subculture,[1] but also incorporates some elements of the sadomasochism subculture. The Internet provides a prevalent forum for the subculture along with other media such as glossy magazines devoted to the topic.[2]
Active vampirism within the vampire subculture includes both blood consumption,[2] which is commonly referred to as sanguinarian vampirism, and psychic vampirism, through which the practitioners believe they are drawing spiritual nourishment from auric or pranic energy

In my desire to research for erotic horror (strictly, hee hee), I found a site that actually lists vampire-friendly bars. Imagine that! The problem with researching such clubs and meeting people in this lifestyle means needing to not go alone. But, where does a woman find another friend in the middle years who’s willing to tell her hubby she’s off to the vampire club to meet vamps? Well, alas, I have yet to figure out that part of the puzzle. Once I get myself into a crowd of vampires, I’ll gladly show them in the light in which I believe they should be shown for the role-playing romantics and hardcore driven passion jockeys that they are. There is a culture of goth-related and S&M folks who enjoy the lifestyle, no doubt about that. There's also a more "lite" version that enjoys the romance, fashion, and night-living, pale-skinned, dramatics of it.

Alas, since it’s apparent I can’t keep a secret, I’m sure you’ll hear all about them.


  1. I hear what you're saying, but for me they would have to look like brad pitt or robert pattinson, not bela lugosi. hee hee

  2. Hee hee. There's been some hot vampires and some duds. I liked Frank Langella--I have a thing for dark eyes--very mysterious. The fun about men being in costumes is you can't tell who they are and that air of mystery makes them even more dangerous. I remember one year, a guy in a Phantom of the Opera half mask, about 6'4" tall, and a black cape had my eyes bulging all evening. I never found out who he was, but I was definitely intrigued. I love playing dressups! I'll be putting a short story on here soon about a Halloween on hallowed ground that causes everyone in their costumes to become their characters...

  3. This was a very interesting post.. I'd say you're right :)

  4. It's those hot looking vampires in True Blood, Interview with a Vampire and Twilight that make vamps seem so sexy and hot.....or I'm just having a hot flash. Nope, it's them, lol. Interesting post.

  5. Vampires are hot.

    I'm not really into the whole teen-angst Twilight thing, but TrueBlood is a total hoot! I'm a fan of the books and the HBO series.

    The guy vampires are totally smokin' hot, but the girl vampires are sexy too. Sorta wanna have that kind of sex appeal myself. LOL!

  6. This is another great pic! (I'm kind of commenting on your blogs in reverse order of how you posted them...but where you're getting these...GREAT!)

  7. Oh, another thing: the "necking" concept was really unique. I don't know why vampires are sexy, but they are. And speaking of sexy, are you watching Vampire Diaries? I wasn't expecting to like the show, but the previews caught my eye so I gave it a chance and I'm hooked. (As a 30 something year old woman I should be embarrassed to admit this, but as my friend Tracie says, I'm getting in touch with my inner tween....)

  8. Courtney;
    I totally get it--I love "Twilight" although it's less about the people and more about the location and music. I do adore "The Covenant" and "Blood and Chocolate" because they're damn sexy and I'm 47, but I'm always in heat, so I won't even say it's an inner tween thing, it's a "I never left tweenhood" thing. Hee hee. I haven't seen Vampire Diaries yet, but I'll check it out!

  9. Always in heat...now it's me who's jealous of you! (I get autumn, you have a sex drive!) Chemo stole that...but it's coming back now. But for a while there my poor husband...he didn't know what to think. But the last couple of months have been MUCH better.

    But, dang, being in heat AND living where it's hot all the time??? No wonder you're ready for a cool dip! (I remember when we lived there and our pool would be so hot it just wasn't refreshing getting in. And by this time of the year ANY kind of heat relief is welcome! Here's to hoping fall comes early and furious your way this year!!!)

  10. Courtney;
    Yeah, I'm Scandinavian and so my blood wants icy waters, rain, fog, and chill. I am not suited to AZ at all. I'm hoping in the coming few years things will change and I can finally move to Oregon--my dream place--I think it's so ideal that once I go to there, I may never leave. It has it all. I love that state and the people. I've found that over time in the west, I just don't fit in back east anymore. I'm a bit too silly and easygoing and natural. My image/attitude idols are Sheryl Crowe and Carly Simon, so you can imagine, I'm not really fit for blue suits in my hometown area of D.C. Hee hee. Don't worry about the chemo--one of my friends had breast CA and about 2 years later she was like a mad woman with the hormones raging again. It's a huge change chemically in your body and in your spirits. The further you get from CA (I know from my own experience) the more it seems like a distant thing that happened to someone else and the more you rejoin life and planning and hoping and getting excited--about, well, everything. It's like a second chance and life and you live it to the hilt. At least, that's what I do. I take the time to appreciate every taste, scent, feel, and I mostly just slow down and appreciate other people for all the neat and different things they bring to the table. We're all treasures. So glad I found yours. :-)