Friday, September 18, 2009

Test Your Debunking Skills

I thought I’d give you all a chance to work your debunking skills with some photos. Please leave a comment stating if it is natural or supernatural and explain what you think it is. (The answers will be in a post later today). You might want to click on the photo to see the details. I'm still having fun trying to find out how to keep the written part of my posts not transparent with the background.

Photo #1: What could be causing those beams of light into the night sky?
Photo #2: What might have caused this pinkish patch?
Photo #3: Is that ectoplasm or a spirit forming or something else?
Photo #4: Is that a dust or pollen particle or something else?
Photo #5: What could that be streaking across the photo?


  1. What a cool challenge Autumnforest! I'm going to tweet about it!!!!

  2. 1. There appears to be some light source (street lights?) on the ground beneath each of the beams of light. The beams themselves are probably due to some type of atmospheric condition at the time, possibly augmented by the camera flash.
    2. I think the pinkish light is just some sort of trick of light or defect, possibly a smudge on the lense. You can see the light reflecting off other things in the background, indicating the flash somehow cause the trick of light.
    3. This one just looks like smoke or someone's cold breath to me.
    4. This just looks like another trick of light to me...reflecting off a bug or something.
    5. My first thought was this was a camera strap. But considering the name of the file was "hairs.jpg," I'm going to guess it is a hair. :)

    Good idea for a post. Do some more!

  3. cool, autumnforest!
    the only one thet's even questionable to me, is pic 3... the others look like explainable my opinion...

  4. pic 1 spotlights on ground pic 2 reflection off something pic 3 very interesting could be something because orbs present in upper left corner

  5. This was a fantastic challenge Autumnforest! I think that "orb" photo is fascinating. Some of the others are "pretty" I don't think I would have got any of these right had I not cheated:) best to you as always and have a great weekend-hope you had a great B-day also!!