Serendipity: Why Working at Home Rocks!

I was sitting at my work desk at home typing up medical reports and feeling sorry for myself because it's my b-day and I should be...I don't know...anything but working.

In the middle of another painfully boring report when I went onto Google to look something up and I saw picture of a black cat. I thought to myself, "when was the last time you saw a black cat?" Every time something really awesome happened to me, it was preceded by a black cat wandering along my path. I know people say black cats crossing your path are bad, but for me they're lucky--as is the #13.

Back to my work, my eyes were getting strained, so I did like I'm supposed to, look at objects far away to refocus your eyes. When I looked out the window beside me, a black cat with green eyes stared back. He was in my garden and hiding behind my reaper mannequin I made for Halloween--kinda interesting place to hide. He was peeking out at me as if he knew what the reaper was. Then, this crazy serendipitious cat wandered over the headstones I put out to age before Halloween. He checked out the little cemetery I started erecting and looked quite happy in the setting.

I'm thinking he might not be so happy once the evil baby dolls get set up out there, but we'll see. For now, I'm taking him as a sign. Whatever your name is kitty, thanks for the blessing. Can't wait to see what it produces.


  1. Happy Birthday and don't forget to take pictures of your evil baby dolls once you have them in the yard.

  2. Happy birthday! I love black cats too and for the first time i have one as a pet. They are fantastic!
    I hope you made a wish! This is for me the best part of the birthdays. Well of course the presents and the chocolate cake are good too...But instead of a simple wish while blowing the candles i have a ritual. I hope you got great gifts!

  3. Julie;
    Thanks. I'm not only going to take pictures of the whole set up in the daylight and nighttime, but my son is going to videotape the party and I hope to put it on YouTube with a link so ya'all can see it. I really like the idea of cutting the eyes out of a couple dolls in the display and placing a light in their head to make them glow creepy! SHIVERS!

    Thank you. I have a wish. With the cat showing up, I think it just might come true. I wish I weren't allergic to cats so much. I really adore them! When one comes in the yard, I have to coax it. I've gotten some good gifts. My favorite is a new laptop with WiFi (writing from it now). I can go out in the dark garden at night and work on my horror novel and when I ghost hunt, I can upload my photos and sound files and even watch a DVD in the hotel room. I love it! My old laptop had only half the keys working--it made it pretty funny to type and read.

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm allergic to cats. So I don't like being around any color cat. :)

  5. I'm allergic too--horribly, but I appreciate them from afar.

  6. Happy Birthday.
    I saw your comment over at Autumn Meadow and October farm.
    your Carmel apple pie sound yummy. My mom use to make a carmel pie drizzle with chocolate.

    Hope you fine the time to stop on by. I always have a pot of coffee brewing.

  7. HappY Birthday to you! Happy BirthdaY to you! And I wish you many many many more!!
    I think black cats rock too! There is a beautiful tom that is all black except for a white mustache around the complex here-I would love to take him in but don't have the money go get his shots and all of that.
    I hope you are able to spend some time with your family enjoying your birthday Autumforest! Whether it is inside or going out for a bit-thanks for your wonderful blog also-I know those medical reports must be awful boring-my mom did them-not at home but at a lawyer's ofc for awhile and said they get old quick! best to you as always!!

  8. Dora;
    I'm going to check out your blog. Glad to hear from you.

    You have such a big heart. I bet you'd take in every stray. I'm not sure how Clementina would feel about that, though. Cats can be possessive. I had a wonderful B-day. I have to admit, I love doing medical transcription (since 92!) because I have a very sharp mind for medical and for spelling and love medical mysteries. I usually call the tests and the diagnosis before the doctor says it. I should have been a doc, but I wanted to have a life. I'm so glad I didn't pursue that. Occasionally the cases are just plain mundane, except ER cases. I love those. You get people with their hand caught in a toilet, bringing the toilet on their hand into the ER, people with an apple up their butt. People are just funny and weird! I do my time typing and then I do what I want--all my ghost hunting, crafts, art, and writing :-)

  9. Happy Birthday, Virgo Sista! Sorry you had to work, but I'm glad you got a visit by a black cat!!!! That's a pretty cool gift. And what's this about dolls? Are you trying to create your own creepy doll island or something? That rocks!

  10. Hey Courtney;
    Yeah, I'm having a Post-Apocalyptic graveyard-themed Halloween party and have a lot of scenes set up around the yard, but one part of it is a shed where a projector will show a Brother's Quay movie (stop motion creepy dolls in an industrial setting) on a sheet against the shed and all around it on the shed and on posts around it and on the ground will be tons of creepy dolls like the doll island. I'm hoping to remove the back off a few heads and take the eyes out and put lights inside to make them like the dolls in the video. I did a post a few days back about "if these don't scare you nothing will" or something like has a Brother's Quay clip on it. Totally horrifying. We're having a live band playing but with that in the background it'll be creep-o-rama.

  11. autumnforest--your party is gonna be THE BEST!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! & those baby dolls are going to be the creepiest!
    something that totally scares me & most people i know is clowns...but theres really no good place for them in this party...

  12. Waterrose;

    I so agree about clowns. I'm trying to find a clown doll to add in there--they always creep folks out!

  13. Happy Bday!
    I hope it's a great year filled with many black cats.

  14. Justin;
    Just so long as they black cats don't take up residence in my house--I'm allergic to the pretty things.


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