Open-Mindedness in the Ghost Hunting World


Thank you, my dear friend, Anadæ, for sending me this video as a gift to his "open-minded" ghost hunting friend.

I admit, as ghost hunters go, I'm the agnostic. I've seen a lot of weird stuff I can't explain but I'm not quick to attribute it to the spirits of the dead. That makes me rather unpopular in the ghost hunting world. There's an enormous majority who not only believe they're chasing the souls of the departed, but also know why they haunt "they don't know they're dead," "they have unfinished business," "they're attached to this place..." Yada yada yada... (Sigh. Roll my eyes)

Although the concept of spirits being the cause of phenomenon is a conclusion I can understand, given that the house I grew up in was an old Civil War Hospital at one time and still had blood stains on the wood floors, it also was atop of a mass of quartz and a wellspring. It also had dozens and dozens of families in almost 250 years living there, that's a lot of imprinted memories. It also saw a great deal of emotional upheavel--Revolutionary War and Civil War and death and dying. It also still contained a lot of relics within its foundation and crawlspace. Any of these factors could be at fault.

Once a person knows what a ghost is and has a preconceived mindset about it, they stop looking for answers. It's the same with religion. Once you know "The Truth," there can be no other variables. The mind closes shut to the sound of a rusty door hinge. The soul hardens. The personality becomes paranoid. Thus, George Bush and Dick Chenney are born.

I know I'm not an athiest of the ghost hunting world. I definitely know there's phenomenon with absolute certainty. I might believe it's spirits of the deceased, should I experience evidence that draws me to that conclusion (thus, I'm "agnostic" in this realm). I am not, however, an absolute believer that we're dealing with sentient beings of the departed. There are too many possibilities from other dimensions to a life form that evolved alongside of us without the need for physical form to physical phenomenon created by the Earth and geomagnetic activity and seismic activity to events imprinting on environments given the right conditions and repeatedity.

See what it's like to ghost hunt open-minded? Limitless. I'm not trying to prove ghosts, I'm trying to prove phenomenon. Then, I'm trying to find out why phenomenon? how phenomenon? where phenomenon? when phenomenon? who phenomenon?

I hope the film above helps you. I found it to be truly enlightening.


  1. Happy one-year anniversary. It's been one hell of a mind-opening year.

  2. Thanks Stephen! I just looked at my calendar today and realized it, otherwise I would have made a special post for it, so instead I just tacked it on. It's been a thrill for me to read all that's out there in the blog-o-sphere and finding intelligent and thoughtful people such as yourself. I used to think blogs were just online diaries with whining and complaining. I had no idea they were about discussing interests and thought-provoking subjects. I'm glad my son started one of his own and had me curious. Now, I don't have to hold all these thoughts inside my dense head, but I can spread the wealth and infect everyone else. Hee hee

  3. Happy Blogiversary!!!!!

    I LOOOOVE that video. I moderate a discussion board on Facebook (a Pagan one), and often the hardcore "we like proof" people are told to be "more open minded"....I'll have to send people to this video. :D I think I might even post this on my blog. :)

    I'm also one of those people who has experienced spirits, Deities, Fae (not Tinker Bell like ones, though), etc. and I'm STILL a skeptic! I like evidence. I guess that's why I like Ghost Hunters and TAPS' methods so much. :)

  4. Aelwyn;
    You get 100 people experiencing the same event, you get 100 different explanations based on personal biases. I loved that film because ghost hunters often say I'm not open-minded, but my gosh--I refuse to say what phenomenon is until we can find scientific verification. If it launches in the physical world and we can see and hear it, then it's some that can be captured and studied by science and falls into the rules of the universe that we adhere to--physicality. Anyone who ever thinks they know all about something or they know the truth makes me frustrated. I only know what I know today. Today's experience. Tomorrow, I'll give you a different knowledge. I'm open and receptive to the concept of intelligent beings interacting on a ghostly plane, I just can't get proof yet of interaction. We're all just prisoners to the subjective part of our beings and our own realities, so to negate someone else's reality is to negate my own. I mean, for whatever experiences, whatever reasons they believe what they believe, it's just another version of reality and 7 billion people have different ones. I can't expect people who haven't experienced phenomenon to understand what motivates me and excites me about the field, but like the GH show, I can hope to get evidence recorded for them to review and then they can have a piece of what I experienced that leaves me baffled. I guess that's why this is ghost hunting theories blog--knocking around ideas, open to everything.

  5. Hey, congrats on your one year!

    You run a very interesting and entertaining journal here. I always enjoy your posts, and I tell other people to visit and read your articles.

    Keep up the good work! :)

  6. Congrats so very much on your one-year anniversary and 374 articles and lots of followers!! You deserve all of it for your fantastic blog!! I saw the title of your next post down as i was watching the clip-and thought I have to get Anadae somehow-haha-I scrolled won a little and I have the feeling he has been here:-) I agree with Stephen,Aelwyn, Pamela and any others who will stop by-I say this perhaps prematurely-but here is the difference-I know that anyone who says anything bad about your blog is "talking out of their ass" so to speak -(sorry for the -ahem undelicate wording!! Congrats again and I just have to look at the article below now and will try to get caught up on the others -either tonight or the next few days-ps I am starting to believe we will get an "Arizona Fall" this year-knocking on wood now or throwing salt over shoulder:-)I bet Mike and Julie are ready for it too-all the best to you!!

  7. Happy one year anniversary on your blog. I for one am glad that you decided to do a blog. You always have interesting things to post, stuff I never would have thought of. Thanks for opening my mind on so many different subjects. Mike and I have only been blogging a little over a year for our paranormal blog. There are many days I just don't know what to blog about and then something weird comes on the TV or I stumble across it on the internet and glad that I have a place to write about it and can share the information. I'm not as knowledgable as you nor a writer but blogs like yours and others that I follow help educate and broaden my paranormal world. I sure got chatty all of a sudden, lol. ~Julie~

  8. Dev;
    Thanks. I just like to stimulate minds. It's always been in my character to share insight and knowledge and start talks. It's funny, but I don't think anyone's ever be angry or offended by what I write (fingers crossed) and it amazes me because much of what I say probably isn't jiving with other's viewpoints. I guess it says that people's minds are open to new ideas and considering new perspectives. I'm good at new perspectives all right. hee hee. I agree about autumn. It's still f-ing hot, but the pool is now 79 and refreshing finally and today I planted my winter grass seed and my veggie garden so I must have confidence it's coming.

    Thanks. You and I seem to be compatible in our thoughts and interests. I started the blog hoping folks would want to talk about theories and I found instead a wealth of like-minded people who ask a lot of questions and thirst for knowledge like myself. It's easy to write when I write for people like all of you.

  9. Happy anniversary!
    This is a very weird combination, you being a sceptical ghost hunter. But it gives you more creditability! I tend to search for answers more in the para normal than in the natural!

  10. Georgina;
    I'm certainly open to the idea of spirits among us, I just haven't gotten any evidence that to me points to intelligent, interactive beings. Even with all the encounters I had as a child, there was no sense that I could interact, more that we coexisted. I recently had a ghost hunting experience that had me feeling as if I had a prolonged interaction and yet I can't really verify the information to know if it was a true interaction with the dead or something altogether different. It's a fun field when you're open to the possibilities, either way this phenomenon is amazing if it's nature based or spiritual.

  11. Sheesh...I'm a day behind but (to borrow Aelwyn's cute phrase): HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! (It just keeps the party going a little longer...;)


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