Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Theory: Is the Earth Having Nightmares?

Chernobyl, the pollution in China, and strip mining aside, is it possible the Earth has “nightmares” that manifest themselves in strange phenomena?

When I was working on the haunted formula, it dawned on me that if geology played a role in haunted phenomenon helping to activate it, then why not affect the Earth in other ways? There is a great deal of strange phenomenon in our world from spook lights to disembodied voices, potential portals to ghosts. We tend to think of phenomenon as separate actions occurring out of touch with each other, but what if they were all manifestations—of the Earth?

The Season 3 opener of “Destination Truth” in the forest of Romania made me think a lot about the mining nearby of things like gold and copper that are electrically conductive. The team member getting sick, the other one getting picked up and tossed, the strange lights in the forest, the sounds of a woman’s voice… Perhaps all are earthly hiccups or perhaps little Earth nightmares?

I’ve found a strong correlation between getting ghostly phenomenon on nights when there’s been a geomagnetic storm. Do solar flares, seismic activity, volcanic activity, and changes in geomagnetism, create spinning compasses, spikes in EMF, and auditory and visual phenomenon? (Including reports in the Bermuda Triangle and self-limiting events like the Skinwalker Ranch).

We think of rocks as dead, but the earth is extremely dynamic; from rushing tides to seismic activity to volcanic eruptions, it’s always in change. Is it possible that geomagnetic activity (besides affecting the humans on the earth with strange sleep/dreams/mental states) can give the Earth a kind of shock? Does the Earth then spit out energy coming in the form of phenomenon? Was ancient man more in tune with this concept with his great stone monuments?

The findings I’ve correlated so far with mining and phenomenon including loads of UFO sightings over Chile (the biggest miner of copper—and a huge UFO hotspot) and Mexico (gold/copper mines) the finding of the Starchild skull in a copper mine in Mexico, the Mexican alien baby, UFOs and flying humanoids in Mexico, the forest in Romania amidst copper and gold and salt mines, and the massive sightings of UFOs over California’s gold country, may not be just incidental. They could be the very heart of Earth Phenomenon. I don’t know what else to call the concept of the Earth reacting to lots of elements from changes on the sun, changes in volcanic activity, geomagnetic storms, and combined with the very metal ores in its crust. Such geologically rich areas might be ideal centers for the “strange and freaky.”

As a person can be the emotional force behind poltergeist activity, on a larger scale can the Earth project physical phenomenon in reaction to stimuli?

This is a thought early in its conception, but I have a mind that’s constantly noticing coincidences and correlations. If you see anything valid in this theory, let me know I’m looking for more incidents and possible proof that might lead me into a “Haunted Earth Formula.”


  1. Autumnforest that is a very interesting theory-and it make sense too in a way. The cultures around the world that hold that many different parts (or maybe the whole thing?) of the earth are sacred like the Aborigines of Austrialia seem to be the most in tune with their enviroment by far-I wonder what they would say to this? I could be mistaken on whether it aborigianal culture that says some parts of earth have their own "spirits" or maybe native american or both-but one thing I really doubt is that the earth is very happy with the rate it is getting raped (its a strong word to use but it seems closer to the truth) I was shocked when someone-I think it was at Rigorous Intuition or another blog-when they mentioned the number of species going extinct per day-then month and year. Very very sad-it would be just the human races luck if it found out one of these species held the clue to fighting off some horrific disease! best to you as always Autumnforest and I will try to get caught up more tomorrow with you and everyone. All I have to do basically is just hit the post button and get the rest of that article there so I should have a lot more time!!

  2. Hey Dev;
    Glad to hear you up and about on the blog-o-sphere. I had a feeling that if this theory hit a chord with me, it might with others. To think of the Earth as just something we crawl upon and dig upon and are subjected to gravity upon is to miss that it's really a living organism and its mass alone should create even more phenomenon than one person with telekinetic abilities when he gets pissed off. Sounds logical to me. I'll hopefully get around to all the blogs today to see what's up with everyone. I suspect I will be getting nonstop phone calls today--it's my B-day. :-)

  3. I love this theory.

    Happy BDay :)

  4. I.M.
    Thanks. I suppose we get caught in a box most times thinking of the world around us as absolutes. We don't usually get a more universal perspective. I just had one of those moments where I wondered if geology can create haunting issues in certain areas of the world, then why can't it cause other phenomenon? Or why can't it feed the phenomenon with energy? I hope to come up with a more detailed post in the future looking for things like seismic activity, volcanc activity, mining, and regions of paranormal activity and see if it correlates even more than just the dozen or so incidences I checked out so far.

  5. I think both earth and solar energies have more of an effect on us than we realize. Ironically, animals seem to be much more in tune with it than most of us...I'm reminded of the big tsunami a few years ago that killed so many people, yet the animals knew ahead of time to get to higher ground. I think many humans have lost touch with reality.

  6. Jeff;
    If you look at ancient stone monuments and early astronomy and you realize we really are out of touch. We're so busy multitasking, we don't notice the subtle things anymore. I noticed on ghost hunts when it's silent and there's no light, people's senses are super keen to any changes. That's when we tie into all these energies. I should have a post up tomorrow following up on this subject.

  7. Another interesting hypothesis. I think you might be on to something. And the sudden surge in all things "green" and "eco-friendly" might be the Earth subliminally imploring us to please be kind to it before it truly is too late. (I mean, that so many companies have finally hopped on that bandwagon might have been influenced by the's late. I'm not making sense anymore. I know what I mean to say but can't make it come out right.)

    At any rate...I'll be curious to see where you take this hypothesis next!

  8. Courtney;
    I'll probably have a post up tomorrow expanding on the theory. You're right. Everything swings one way (conservative/bush) to the other end of the spectrum (liberal/obama) and the 70s (earth-friendly, natural, outdoorsy) to 80s (garish/superficial/synthetic). We can't turn it around without the cooperation of India, China and the US and we ABSOLUTELY need to have zero population growth. We can't keep having people with 7 kids having children who have 7 children. My God! It's horrifying. This is what happened to Easter Island! We can't support the Earth much longer with even the population we have, but if everyone has more than just one child to replace each person, we're screwed. But then, I also want us to tax religions and get rid of reservations for Native Americans too. My ideas are rather weird and liberal, but highly practical and realistic. I think we're just finally realizing we can't keep driving in fossil fuel cars and flooding our lawns with water and buying and consuming and throwing away electronics. Yikes! (I climb off my high horse) :-)

  9. autumnforest--you know, this makes a lot of sense...especially since there seems to be acticity near mining sites a lot. & yes, people need to quit having more kids than they (or the earth!) can handle! i did my job...had tif when i was 18, and that was it!