Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mysteryquest: History Channel

Just a quick note about a new show coming up on September 16th on the History Channel called "Mysteryquest." The first episode is "Hitler's Escape:"

According the official public record, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker as allied troops stormed Berlin at the end of World War II. But no one actually saw him die. No body was ever produced. No photographs were ever taken. Some believe Hitler managed to escape, and for years there were sightings of the former dictator in many parts of the world. Then, in the 1990s the Russians revealed secret evidence taken from Hitler's bunker decades earlier that they said proved he had died there. Among the evidence is a piece of skull. MysteryQuest obtained access to this evidence for testing and the results are startling.

The next episode is slated to be "Bermuda Triangle" Since I know the folks who follow my blog are totally into conspiracy, conjecture, and paranormal oddities, I thought I'd give ya'all a new date to mark on your calendars.


  1. Ref; Hitler, a huge piece of the puzzle...the Russians absolute hatred for the Germans...beyond human reason.

    The Russians were our "allies" but the didn't like us either.

    The Russians liberated Berlin and purposefully wiped Hitler from the face of the earth. They wanted to make very sure there was absolutely nothing left for any "tribute" in the future.

    The Russians retained the "real estate" and put up a parking lot.

    The East Germans had Nazi graffiti in the 70's..probably held on to because of their hatred of Russian control.

    I have pictures... I'll post them for you.

  2. @eloh;
    This is so interesting getting to know you. I have little family associations with the war in Germany. so it's exciting to learn more.

    My father was rather grumpy about Germany. His family lost their iron works in Norway during WWI because they shipped iron to Germany in the form of church bells and got caught. They then came to America.

    When he was in the Navy, he was relieved to be in the Asiatic Fleet. All my family fought the Pacific War and I knew no one with ties to the German War. My father looked for Amelia, escaped the POW scene in the Philippines by stealing a French merchant ship (filled with wine) and got lost in the Pacific, ending up in Australia, got shot at by torpedoes and greatly relieved to find out it was a flat-bottomed boat!

    The stories are so different in the Pacific arena compared to the land war in Germany.

    I have no doubt Hitler didn't make it out of that bunker, but I love conjecture and am always open to evidence and debate. I'm looking forward to finding out the subject of other episodes.

  3. I actually saw something on TV a while back where they were examining the bone fragments (and teeth too, if I remember correctly) purported to be Adolf Hitler's. They were pretty sure it was a match up. Can't remember what the documentary was called though or which station it was on.

  4. This sounds very cool, I will have to keep an eye out for it!

  5. I saw previews for it today and was intrigued. I spent three years in Germany back in the 80's and there was still such fear and remorse for what happened there. We visited Dachau Concentration Camp on a bus tour and we were told we had 45 minutes there. No one returned to the bus for more than two hours. It was the most arresting place I have ever been. From the razor wire that still adorned the heavy walled fence, to the complete blankness of the area, there was such sadness and hopelessness there that just hung in the air, you couldn't get away from it. It is a memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
    But no one talked of Hitler. No one said his name. It was like a bad word.
    I am eager to watch this show to see what they say.

  6. wow, autumnforest, thanks for all the heads-up on this!!