Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mark Your Wednesday

I guess it's safe to say that Wednesday is a popular TV night. It seems like all the shows compete, especially the paranormal/conjecture ones. You're going to have to do some mad scrambling during commercials or serious taping (I personally record "Destination Truth").

Nostradamus Effect on History Channel (check your local times)
A show exploring prophecies through the ages.

Mysteryquest on History Channel
Scientific expeditions on different subjects—this time, Hitler’s Escape

Ghost Hunters on SyFy takes on a courthouse in New Jersey and an 1800s home.

Destination Truth on SyFy checks out a Mexican Island legend involving a drowned girl and a sea monster in the Bahamas.


  1. i look forward to wednesday! can't wait to see destination truth.
    on your survey, i voted, "were you human" my questions are, what is a ghost and where are they exactly?

  2. Sandra;
    Great response. I had to think about it a long time. I figured if they answer there's a heaven, then there must be souls from humans that are out there. I have to admit, when we did our amazing KII session the last ghost hunt, I got frustrated after a while with the questioning because it was all based on the assumption they were dead humans, so I asked, "were you ever human like us?" At which point the noisy other ghost hunters entered to have their time in the room and scared it off. Jeez! Most ghost hunters think too narrow-minded about what it is they're dealing with. That KII session, I asked if it was a boy or a girl--neither. I felt puzzled. So far, it had been answering quite clearly. I thought maybe we lost it or we never had it, so I thought about it and asked "are there more than one of you?" Better question. It answered "yes." I had to really quit thinking about the usual questions. I mean, this is your one time to ask the phenomenon about its origins and its intentions. Wow!

  3. Oh and thanks for your reply comment to my comment on DT's last episode. I too was impressed, but wasn't sure if I had missed something. I had chills watching that and was excited that they caught something truly supernatural, it was awesome. I hope they caught some other great stuff on their future investigations.

  4. I already have Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth ready to record. An occasional MonsterQuest will record as well. I also have been watching America's Got Talent which is having its season finale this week. Starting next week I have a couple of new sitcoms set to record to see if they are any good and in January, it's the final season of LOST which I'm sure will be back on Wednesday. Whew......let's not talk about my very busy Thursdays as well, lol. I watch all the ABC and NBC shows on that day.

  5. Julie;
    Yeah, I think Mondays for me are completely and totally about "How I Met Your Mother," "Two and a Half Men," "Big Bang Theory," and when "Paranormal State" is on, that's pure entertainment. Tuesdays are "Biggest Loser," I feel better working out 60-90 minutes every day when I have people to sweat along with who are suffering. Wednesdays are "Monsterquest" (usually only watch bigfoot ones) and GH and DT. Thursdays--"Parks and Rec," "The Office," and I know I'll love the new one "Community" because I adore Joel McHale (crush!) He's sooooo funny and sharp. Friday's used to be Zak Baggy-pants or Scooby Douche nights but I'm waiting for another season. That's the main stuff I follow.

  6. Usually my Fridays and Saturdays are not set in stone on what I watch. I will usually watch Zak and buds when the show is new on Fridays. But Sundays....this summer is was True Blood, Hung and Entourage. This fall it will be Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. I also will catch new eppys of Extreme Home Makeover. I used to think of summer as a nice break from TV but now they are coming up with new summer shows. Since it is so frickin' hot here, I usually stay in. Can't get a break, lol.