Friday, September 25, 2009

Little Creepy Things: Innate Fear

Sure, it’s easy to be scared of Godzilla and King Kong. They’re enormous and can crush you, but there’s another fear in the spectrum of humankind. Fear of small things.

That makes you smile, huh? Don’t believe it? How could I be scared of something tiny?

Have you ever watched film of a tarantula, his fuzzy soft legs creeping one after another up someone’s arm? Tickling and crawling, and making its way towards his face. Gives you goosebumps, huh?

How many times have you cringed and freaked when you ran into a spider web in a basement or startled a mouse from his corner hiding place? Do bats flying in the night air make you duck?

Haven’t had enough of small creepy things? Try these movies:

Phantasm: Creepy little shrunken down people in black cloaks.

The Brood:
A woman’s anger creates little creepy “children” who kill for her.

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark: A house with hidden little brownie elves that torment the woman who resides there.

It’s Alive: After giving birth to a murderous little baby that kills the entire delivery team and escapes the hospital, the detectives are on the search for an evil deformed baby-thing.

A doll comes to life to kill and torment full-grown adults.

Leprechaun: An angry leprechaun wants his pot o’ gold back.

Children of the Corn: The youth of a town kill the adults and take over, making sacrifices to the corn monster.

Parasite: A scientist has to hide his creation inside of him, an evil parasite.

Arachnophobia: Killer spiders hitchhike to America and breed and kill.

Kaw: Evil blackbirds attack a town.

The Birds: Birds go insane in a town in Northern California and attack the people.

Infested: Teenagers camping out are attacked by mutant bugs.

Trilogy of Terror:
A trilogy of stories, one of which involves a woman in her apartment attacked by a zuni hunting doll.

Village of the Damned:
Little tow-headed children with alien fathers put an entire town in fear.

What little thing scares you? For me, it's dolls!


  1. I tiny miniture Clowns! Creepy! I have a blog award for you over at my blog! :) Becca

  2. Hey Becca;
    I'll go check it out. I agree about clowns. In fact, for my Halloween party I've got a set up like doll island from Destination Truth, but the only thing missing is a clown doll. I hope to find one before the party. I think of "Poltergeist" and the clown doll dragging the kid under the bed and I shiver...

  3. yes, dolls have always freaked me out and clowns, i hate clowns.
    and i freak out on bugs too!

  4. Sandra;
    You're in with the majority. I think the best clown movie wasn't "It," it was actually a ridiculed movie called "Clownhouse." It was ridiculed because apparently the directed liked little boys and had a little something for one of the boys in the movie. That aside (I didn't learn that until after seeing it), it is really scary. Three boys home alone and an evil clown tormenting them. Yikes!

  5. Kim Darby(?) did a one hour made for TV segment for Night Gallery(?) that has always haunted me. One of the best story lines ever.

    Most likely what the movie line in Don’t be Afraid of the Dark was modeled after.

    One of those...wish I could see it again before I die things..

    I think I'll poke around on the net and see what I can find.

  6. @eloh;
    Yeah, that one is definitely worth a look-see again. I wish I had this blog going earlier, about a little over a year ago, I gave away a lot of movies I wasn't watching. I have an EXTENSIVE horror collection, but I'm also an anal retentive Virgo type who hates to keep anything I'm not using regularly, so I clean it out every now and then. I had that movie amongst them. I got it on ebay and it was really cheap, but it was a bootleg copy, but whatever. It was fun to see it again after all these years. That reminds me, I should think about doing a movie giveaway again. I did one last spring, but I need to clear out more...

  7. I must agree on "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark". To this day I have a habit of leaving cabinet doors open, so those little buggers don't have a place to hide!
    I read an article years ago by a psychologist regarding adults' fear of creepy kids (a la' Village of The Damned) but I don't remember much about it.

  8. Gummer;
    I gotta admit that movie was really creepy. I don't like the idea of little things running around my house while I'm sleeping. I see adults tremble if you ask them to hold a baby or leave them alone with a toddler. Yeah, little things are freaky scary.

  9. I hate spiders and those big sewer roaches. I swear that those, as Mike once put it, "mutant bug from hell" chases me every time I go after it with bug spray and a fly swatter. I'm also not a big fan of clowns and dolls whose eyes open and shut, especially after watching the Doll Island eppy of Destination Truth.

  10. Julie;
    Yeah, your description gave me shivers. I just got back from a long shoot for a short movie my son's making. We found a rotted out abandoned trailer camp near Maricopa. It was amazing. Every possession was on the ground and all around, things rotted out, crumbling..found a bunch of nasty dolls to add to the doll island set up for my Halloween party. When he edits the film and loads it to YouTube, I'll definitely put it on my blog. I did the filming while he acted in it and I got shivers the whole time. He was covered in mud, wandering around this desolate place holding a child's shoe in his hand. Very creepy!