Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Too Hot to Dance With the Reaper!

I gave up for the day--it's super humid and like 108 right now.

Moving along on designing the Halloween party stuff, I took a broken limb that was nice and tall and as you can see (I'm the queen of rigging and reusing things--I'm a recycling nut, must be the thrifty Scots in me). I took a half deflated pool float and bound it to the limb to make the body and then took the black tattered fabric and put it on top. The sleeves I had sewn together, but not to the body so I could get them on the limbs, then the gown was wide open in the back. I'm going to sew it on as it's on the body so it won't fly away. There's a hood too and a piece of branch sticking up where the skeleton head I'm making will go. I hope to get a cool limb that's nice and bowed for the scythe and smooth out a curving limb coming off it to make the blade and paint it silver. I'm leaving him in the prone position on the ground. We're about to get some storms, one after another, so I figure the sun will bleach it, the storms will make it dirty and nasty. Then, I'll go about shredding the fabric with a saw blade to make it snag and get pitted more. I'm pretty satisfied. It was a complete free thing. I had a black sheet, rope, a raft, a dead limb, a mask and newspaper and glue for the face, and I'm making the scythe out of wood, so I'm pretty pleased that I'm making such a scary dude for totally nothing. Most things for the party are actually made by me and assembled by me. The only store-bought stuff I'm using is the lighting and the fantastic food spread (I love to cook). I have a bunch of old white lattices for the garden that I never use and I'm taking them apart to make tons of white crosses that will fill up the yard around the reaper. I have some wooden plant stakes I'm tying into tripods to hold Jack O'Lanterns atop them to put amongst the crosses. The only cost of the entry way yard (a couple pumpkins). You know, that's another thing I love about Halloween, you can rig lots of stuff and make it half-baked and it's totally cool, but for Christmas you have to be super shiny and perfect. Score one for Halloween!

p.s. I'm hoping to make some autumn-flavored liquers with things like rum and vodka and fruits/flavors soaked in them that taste like autumn. I'd love your input if you can think of any fruits/herbs/spices to mix.


  1. I never thought about it before,...you know where they sell drink mixes in the grocery store...the hot spiced cider sold next to the hot coco mix.....wonder what that would do?

    If you have never tried it, may I suggest Apfelkorn. It's sort of a German schnapps. Easy does it, as it is served in very small doses.

  2. @eloh;
    Thanks so much for the suggestions. Yeah, I could see where the cider mix might do something awesome nasty to maybe a bottle of rum. I might think about checking the package for the ingredients and then use the whole spices in it instead of ground so it can be strained. I wonder if apple slices might complement that nicely when I'm soaking it. Yum! If you can come up with something to couple with pumpkin into a liquor, let me know. I can't for the life of me think of what might help balance the pumpkin taste nicely. Hmm... I like the idea of the German drink, I'll have to check that one out. I have a stupid wish list of 100 things I must do in my lifetime (have blasted through about 35 so far) and on it is absinthe. I don't drink alcohol, per se, maybe one drink with rum once a year (I'm a beer/champagne type gal), but there's something so forbidden and nasty about absinthe and the way it's served. I guess it was the movie "Blood and Chocolate" that got me into the idea. Some day, I'll have to break down and try it, but I think one drink would probably put me under the table. Hee hee

  3. You are so creative atumnforest!! I wish I could help with the last suggestion -but I am nobody's cook-haha i can even burn rice -hell id burn water if it were possible - we made it to sept 1 today-have not looked at temp-went out about 3 pm to go to mailbox and put recycle stuff in trunk of my car and it felt damn hot still haha!! but at least May June July and August are history-hopefully it will mean something this year:) it started to rain just slightly here (i live in zip 85202) about 1145 pm but it didnt amount to zip -it has been so dry-best as always and thanks for your hard work and keep the cool stuff coming also-BTW-so appreciate your KAL 007 comments-sometimes all it takes is one comment to keep on wanting to go on and you always have such fantastic ones-all the best!!

  4. Hey Dev;
    Hope you write a book some time on Communism and the paranormal. That would be awesome! I think you'd make a perfect professor. I'm excited about the hurricane. Yahoo! Finally we might get rain and if we get it while I'm awake, that'd be even better. Notice how it never rains in daylight hours anymore--jeez! Well, hoping to get a soaking this weekend. I need to dig in the garden and that ground needs to be something less than caliche concrete!