Friday, September 4, 2009

I’m Keeping My Eye on Them: Up and Coming in Hollywood

Producer: Keira Morrisette: Co-producer of “Harper’s Island” and “Jericho.” Someone who totally gets the concept of large ensemble cast, mostly unrecognizable actors/actresses, and a setting of isolation and survival. I used to follow M. Knight awaiting his next movie desperately following “Signs.” But, now my new exciting replacement is this woman who apparently really gets how to hook viewers and make them addicted. When my friends and I weren’t watching these two shows, we were talking about them incessantly. We fell in love with the characters and the desire to see them survive. The minute I hear news of her next venture in ensemble shows with high tension, I’ll keep you posted. I can hardly wait!

Director/Writer: James Wan: Director of “Dead Silence” and “Saw.” He is now apparently in post-production for “Castlevania” and even though I’m not a gamer type of person, I know he’ll do a stylish job of it. When he did “Dead Silence,” I couldn’t help thinking that this guy really truly gets what horrifies people and the atmosphere of the 70s horror movies. His sets are so lush and beautiful and real that you just want to jump into them and get scared along with the characters. He knows how to use music, inherent fears in humans (like ventriloquist dolls and masks), abandoned and decayed sets, and darkness in just the right proportions to keep you tucked under your blanket.

Actor: Michael C. Hall “Dexter” TV series on Showtime, the show “Six Feet Under,” and the upcoming movie “Gamer.” He came out of nowhere and sideswiped me. I started watching “Dexter” when my son highly recommended it. It then became a serious addiction. I’ve never seen a character quite like his, with no apparent human qualities but the ability to imitate humans and their foibles. What I love about this actor is he’s not classically handsome but he’s not hard on the eyes either. In other words, you're not distracted by his visage and he has the kind of face that he could be in 100 things and you'd never recognize it's him. It’s what he can do with a well-written script that’s astounding and the ability to appear as if there’s no soul behind his eyes, but how he leaves you with just enough question about it that you study him even closer looking for that one little weakness, insecurity, or fear. He’s guaranteed that when something has his name on it in the future, I’ll see it. I can’t wait to see what he does on “Gamer.” I’m sure he’ll be completely believable.

Show: “The Big Bang Theory.” I don’t have to think twice about this one. There just are too many stupid crime scenes shows and lawyer/doctor shows for me (I’d personally prefer one of each legal mandatory maximum). I don't want workplace frustrations in a show, I have those. I want to laugh on my own hours. The world is so strange right now, being able to take ourselves less seriously is vital. I don’t want to see the depressing news, I don’t want to see people nearly lose their lives on cop/medical shows, or listen to pompous lawyers duke it out for egos. I want to see real type people in the situations that most make you laugh, i.e. hardcore nerds trying to live in LA. I’m thrilled that the lead character played by Jim Parsons (Sheldon) is up for an Emmy. I think it’s overdue (should have gotten it last year). Never in TV history has a character been so outrageously lovable and frustrating at the same time. That’s the kind of actor Parsons is, able to dance that fine line. He’s so believable that my friends and I often remark “I want my own Sheldon.” Oh, and thank you, CBS, for getting it!

Movie: “Where the Wild Things Are” by Spike Jonze. This movie based on the Maurice Sendak beloved children’s book is due out on October 16th. I don’t even have to see the movie to know it will be my favorite of all time. Just the trailer alone tells me he can’t hose this up. Jonze seems to really understand the need for both child and adult fantasy and mixes them together with hope for a better/different world and even more important a fantastic imagination to see not only what is there, but what could be there.


  1. Thanks so much for this entertainment update Autumnforest! I couldn't agree with you more that the ability for everyone to chill out a little and take ourselves less seriously is critical right now-I don't know what it is but 2009 has seemed like a very weird and stressful year to me-I also agree about Dexter-especially as far as the physical attraction goes-I really got hooked on him too-was so glad my dad pointed the show out to me! I also like the young lady who plays his sister (but not in the same way:) best to you as always Autumn and here is hoping yet again we will have an "Arizona Autumn" this year if we can't have the "real" thing!!

  2. Hey Devin;
    Yeah, I agree--the guy who plays Dexter just has something a bit off about his looks that mixed with his high intelligence and quick wit makes me really attracted to him. I like the girl who plays his sister too, she was in that Emily Rose movie and also Quarantine and she has this strange face that grows on you. I love people like that--I hate perfect symmetry in looks--it makes people so bland. I do have my fingers crossed about autumn--the storms and "cooler" weather give me hope. Once the nights are in the 70s, the pool drops quickly and by end of September to Halloween it's my favorite swimming time.

  3. Thumbs up for Sheldon (Jim Parsons) on the Big Bang Theory! I hope he wins. I'm also hoping that another show like Harper's Island shows up on TV and is just as good.