Sunday, September 27, 2009

What to do in a Zombie Attack

For your entertainment, a tongue-in-cheek zombie practical killing guide.


  1. It is alway nice to have some sort of guide if those nasty zombies attack you. Thanks for posting this was fun to watch.

  2. Julie;
    Glad you liked it, hope you found some hints that were helpful. Hee hee. It must have been fun to make that video--looked like a blast!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! A friend sent me a gift cert. to Amazon for my bday so I went Zombie crazy. I got the Jane Austen zombie book, the collection of zombie short stories featuring a bunch of great authors, AND the Zombie Survival Guide! (To that one my husband commented, "Do you really think you're going to get attacked by zombies?" My response, "One can never be too sure about these things. But don't expect to come getting help from me when they do with an attitude like that!"

  4. Courtney;
    Yahoo! I'm doing my son and his girlfriend up as zombies for our Halloween party (Clint Eastwood cowboy and a settler bride). I just love the whole genre. I have to admit as a kid I used to plot out what I'd do if zombies came. I think it's a practical talent because clearly on the roadways with people texting and talking on cell's, we are amongst the zombies and must beware!