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I did a little digging around. I hear from readers that they often times don’t get cable and miss some of the cool shows and awesome horror movies. Some don’t get the chance to sit down when movies are shown, but at your own leisure you can watch movies on your computer. Budgets and drives to the video store aside, if you have a fast Internet connection, these movies and shows for free online might make you feel like Halloween is accessible to us all at any time and cable is well…boring.

I picked some favorites, but with a little poking around, you can find all kinds of movies/shows online. If you see any on here you’ve never seen before, please let me know what you thought of them. They’re ones I highly recommend.

Carnival of Souls” 1962. This movie is creepy and weird. Women drag racing end up going off the bridge. Surprisingly, one woman emerges. When she recovers she takes a job as the town organist. It appears, however, that some creepy phantom from the abandoned amusement park is haunting her. This is considered a classic amongst horror fans.

"The Last Man on Earth" 1964. This Vincent Price movie is basically, “I am Legend” and “Omega Man.” This, however, is a classic version of it with lots of moodiness and creepiness. I adore this one and the zombies are awesome.

"Night of the Living Dead" 1968. People barricade themselves in a farm house to fight off zombies rising from the dead. This George Romero movie is a classic.

"The Haunting” 1963. The greatest haunted house movie of all time. This one is a classic, creepy, atmospheric, and realistic. Beautiful! A team is assembled to study a haunted house with an evil history.

"The Legend of Hell House” 1973. I adore this one. Much like “The Haunting” (same premise) but more ghostly “scientific” feeling to it. Super creepy, super classic.

See episodes of “Destination Truth,” “Ghost Hunters,” and other SyFy channel shows.


  1. I can't tell you how much I thank you for putting these up Autumnforest!! I would love to see the '63 version and the later one similar to it in '73-the only one of these I had seen before was the Romero movie-i had no probs with it-I just like my "hauntings" a little more subtle:-)best to you as always!!

  2. Devin;
    You'll totally adore "The Haunting" and "Legend of Hell House." They are most most favorites of all time.

  3. "The Haunting" is my all time favorite, just a great overall.

    We visited Clarksville, TN this weekend to see some real estate. The country is very pretty and green and we bought a lot in a very pretty subdivision. Now we have to get moving on finishing the plans and getting permits and start building. My kids are very excited about having a "forest" in the backyard.
    Although, we had a bit of a scare while looking at the lot. My husband and two boys went into the trees to see how far the lot went and I started to walk around the neighborhood. When I was about 200feet from the lot I heard my 8 year old screaming bloody murder. I couldn't see them and I was terrified not knowing what was going on. I didn't know if he had wandered off and my husband couldn't get to him. But I kept hearing him scream and cry it seemed like forever and thought my husband couldn't get to him on time. Finally, I see them emerged from the trees with my husband carrying him in his arms. I kept asking what happened, but my husband couldn't hear me over my son's screams. Finally, I got to them and found out he was stung by we think a wasp and he was in a lot of pain. Boy, the way he was screaming I thought he lost a limb or something. Thanks goodness it wasn't anything serious, just gave me a good scare!

  4. Sandra;
    Yeah, it's going to be a new experience, but one that's going to spark life into your kids. I always regretted so much raising my son in the suburbs of Phoenix when he missed the seasons and playing in the woods and creeks like I did. It made me appreciate everything from being alone with myself (something some kids can't do) to loving nature and peace and being able to appreciate the moment and not judge things by status and brand names. I've never bought into the peer thing and I think living with nature did that to me. Of course, with the woods will come ticks. That's a huge thing. I remember picking 30-50 off of me after each time I went walking. There's good sprays for that and wear long-sleeved shirts. Only a problem in the summertime. They're going to love lightning bugs in the summer. The seasons will really get them going. The first snow day they get, they're going to wonder where this stuff was all their lives. Hope you have a nice hill nearby to sled. They'll change a lot from this experience. They gain confidence with exploring and using nature to play. They don't need videogames when they can climb a tree, make a tree fort, play spies in the woods, or toss rocks in a creek. I envy them and you too. I think you're going to love being tied to nature and its cycles. You're never more aware of Mother Earth than when you're immersed in her moods. Keep me posted. I'll want to see pic's. :-)

  5. Yeah, we are being positive and are looking forward to the move.
    As you probably remember, Palos Verdes is a very unique area in that we have a rural side to it. We're on the coast so we have the oceans, but we also have wonderful hiking trails, equestrian neighborhoods, beautiful vistas, wild peacocks and just an overall lovely setting. We also have some of the top rated schools in the country. So I was just kinda of sad to leave this behind. On the other hand, even though this is a very affluent area, our house which is probably worth close to a million is pretty small, good ole California real estate :( so we're pretty happy to be able to have more space and we will still have a very pretty setting to live in. The only thing we'll miss is the ocean. But I am already planning to come back every year to stay connected to our friends.
    Thanks so much for your thoughts, we are very excited to start a new phase in our life in the near future.


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