Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Doll Faces

Here's a couple of the dolls I've "operated" on so far. One I call Rosy because she looks like she has bubonic plague. The other is a crackled face one. I made the sores using Elmer's glue in thick globs and let dry for a few days, then peeled it back. The crackled one was made with crackle medium (found in the craft store near the acrylic paints). I'm "operating" a bunch more and when they're done and ready to display, I'll show you those too. Hope it's creeping you out. I'm keeping the dolls to store. Some day, when my son moves out and I can have my own office in the house, I hope to have a wall of these dolls staring at me as I write horror and a bunch of rusted farm implements hanging over my head (like the editor's deadlines)!


  1. WICKED CREEPY!!!! You sure are talented...writing, ghost hunting, creating spooky dolls...IMPRESSIVE~

  2. it worked, i literally shuddered looking at these dolls!
    nice tricks to get them look that way, i'll have to remember these.

  3. Glad ya'all like them. Wait until I dissect the ones and remove their eyes for the glow sticks inside--very Village of the Damned. This is really fun, I must admit. I found a bunch of dolls in an abandoned site in the desert and I'm using them too. Naturally aged!

  4. Autumn, you are one sick twisted little girl.

    How many times did other children run crying when they played "dolls" with you?

    You know those paper bag lights people use to line their walkways?
    Think how that would look if you took a bunch of your dolls...popped out the eyes and stuck a glow stick up their bum that was fixed to a cheap tent stake and stuck in the ground along the walkway.....MMMmm,,,all your candy for yourself.

  5. @eloh;
    I readily admit, in the cafeteria as a kid, I was the one who grossed out the others telling them their shepherd's pie was the principal's diarrhea and the mashed potatoes were drained boils from her butt. I really like your idea--you're as demented as I am. Hmm... Doll luminarias... I like that!

  6. Those dolls looked like you pluck them right off of Doll Island.....very creepy indeed!