Thursday, September 17, 2009

Destination Truth: Gut Punch of Fear!

Thank you Josh Gates for the day-early birthday gift. I've been hoping since I saw, I believe it was Anthony Bourdain (of all people), stopping by the doll island in Mexico, that some brave ghost team would head out that way. Thank you Josh Gates for not only an amazing season as the producer of "Destination Truth" but a team that's is perfection.

This creepy little island was set up a place to ward off the spirit of a girl who drowned in the nearby canal. The crazy (or wise) man who lived there set up dolls as offerings to keep her spirit happy and eventually his entire little island became doll infested for decades; cracking, decaying, hanging just by a head...

The ONLY regrets I have about this amazing episode last night was that they didn't cover the island in daylight so we could see all the dolls fully and that they didn't stay another night!

Josh really gets what freaks people out. Yeah, I not only had nightmares, but I decided to expand my creepy dolls display for my Halloween party to have them hanging and sitting all around the shed where a Brothers Quay movie with stop animation dolls will be playing nonstop as a background for my homage to Doll Island.

I think of all the scary places I've ever seen, this one is the place I'd most have trouble sitting alone in the dark at--honestly, dolls scare me that much!


  1. Dolls, especially in a setup like that are creepy. I wish they had (1) explained more about what possible wildlife would be creeping about at night (the roof sounds and water disturbance being almost surely something of that nature) and (2) had prodded the eye opening doll to see if bumping it or touching it caused similar response. I'm also a bit put off if they are going to drag in TAPS for every potential piece of video/audio evidence.

    On the whole, the episode was good and I enjoy seeing this crew investigate.

  2. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday dear Blog Friend

    Happy birthday to you!!

    that was in perfect pitch for those wondering!

    99 degrees? time to move!!!!

  3. Pretty creepy little dolls. I do enjoy watching Josh and his crew investigating scary islands and forests. I did a recap of last nights show on our blog.

  4. I.M.
    I totally agree. Josh has hunted with the TAPS team, so he really should know more about debunking. Checking the doll's eyes would have been a good idea. I also think that since the island has been abandoned, there's probably a takeover of critters including those 3 thermal hits that were probably rats. I was very impressed with the EMF reading in a place with no electricity anywhere around. I would have done more to isolate that. All in all, though, I'm so glad someone covered that place--it freaks me out!

    Thanks so much! I'm having a wonderful day (although I am working). When I'm done with work, I'm going to go the thrift store and get lots of dolls to turn super creepy. I figured when the Halloween party is over, I can use them in my writer's office I'm going to convert in one of my bedrooms.

    Brilliant review of the show! I love that you're doing DT as well as GH. I love to read you summaries the day after. I agree, I love them in dark woods. That's why I keep bugging SyFy to do a bigfoot hunters show. Just having them camp with sounds in the darkness around them and using FLIR, would be super eerie! Like live showings of Blair Witch

  5. First, Happy Birthday!
    Yeah, an island covered with old dolls hanging everywhere would definitely creep me out. And if I heard those noises while sitting in that hut I'd whip out the 12 gauge pretty quick.
    But, I'm 99 percent sure that Josh poked that doll with his radio antenna just before it opened its eye. Still plenty scary though.

  6. Gummer;
    Thanks. I feel probably 5 years younger than last year just from regular super hard workouts (getting in zombie annihilation shape). I can't wait to get my doll island remake set up in the garden, with it all set up peripherally around the projection sheet with the movies of creepy dolls being dissected by other dolls, it'll be pretty darned creepy. My son is going to film the party, so I should be able to put it on YouTube and share it with ya'all. Oh, and I thought that about the antenna too but I rewatched it several times and he's actually forward of the doll, closer to the camera. Still, I'd want him to check the doll and see how easily the eyes close and open. Debunking 101.

  7. I was thinking even a foot to the base of the post or a heavy step might be enough to jar the doll and cause the eye movement. Who knows, maybe the checked a bit and didn't edit it in. At the least, they didn't run screaming when it happened which is a plus.

    Still, great location. If your setup is a tenth as creepy, it's a win.

  8. I.M.
    I'm thrilled to get the dolls going. I'm aging them lots of different ways. Some have on fake skin that's peeled away, some are blistered with fire, some have crackled surfaces, and a few I'm dissecting, as well as burying them in the ground until Halloween for even more aging. This is a blast! My post (further down) about scary films--shows The Brothers Quay film sample. That's the stuff that will play on the projector on the shed all evening with the doll island set up all around it. I have a mannequin and a ventriloquist doll too and tons of creepy baby dolls and barbies, but I'm hoping to find a clown doll-they freak me out too (Poltergeist)

  9. That was a cool episode. I'm liking DT this season so far. And yeah Anthony Bourdain did visit this island on visit to Mexico.

  10. WHAT??? Something that might actually creep YOU out??? I'm stunned. But I can see why. That doll island...crazy. I'd do okay visiting by the light of day, but ain't no way I'd stick around by myself after dark!

  11. Courtney;
    Yeah, I have to admit, my dream office for writing (hope to have it up and running when my son moves out in a year or so), will have rusted farm implements hanging overhead and lots of creepy dolls lined up on the wall staring at me. A few hurricane lamps...walls done to look like rusted metal...Yeah, I can write horror there. :-)