Monday, September 21, 2009

Casting Call for Males in Phoenix!

Debe Branning of MVD Ghostchasers is doing a benefit for the Pioneer Cemetery Association in downtown Phoenix. On October 25th she's running tours of the historic cemetery with characters who are buried there giving talks at their graves to the tour groups. This is to raise money for the association that handles Arizona graveyards and their maintenance. It's a fantastic event. I did the springtime one as the first mayor's wife. This time, I'm going to assist in the tours and let some others enjoy the speaking parts. She's still looking for males who want to don a period costume and come and be one of these characters (the theme for this Halloween tour is creepy and weird deaths):

Tom Graham----about 38-40 He was the last man killed in the Pleasant Valley Wars. He was ambushed near the Buttes while taking a load of grain to Hayden Mill in Tempe.

W H "RED" Nelson---- about 35 Nelson was a traveling hot air baloonist that fell from the sky during a show on the grounds of the Salvation Army.

Jacob Waltz -----about 81 AKA the Lost Dutchman kept the secret of the location of a gold mine he discovered and mined in the Superstitions Mountains to his deathbed.

It is SUNDAY OCT 25th 2pm to 6pm------------Debe will provide a script to work off of!

If you're interested, please leave a comment or write me "autumnforest" at

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