Friday, September 18, 2009

"The Brood"

If you are creeped out by movies with little things attacking you liked "It's Alive," "Phantasm," "Chucky," "Leprechaun," and "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," this 1979 David Cronenberg movie "The Brood" is not to be missed!

I consider myself a real freak for 1970s horror, but somehow I completely missed this one until just recently. How is it possible??? It stars one of my biggest crushes--Oliver Reed, pretty boy of the time, Art Hindle, and the elegant Samantha Eggar.

A man must have his wife put away for being insane. While in the hospital she becomes a subject of an egotistical psychiatrist with strange concepts about healing. He encourages her to fester her anger towards everyone who ever wronged her and thus begins to give birth to her own demons. This movie seemed like a slow-moving movie-of-the-week type film until all of a sudden it threw me a curve. Just like it's wrong for dolls to attack people, it's equally wrong for small humanoid creatures to attack. Yikes! It's an interesting statement about physical manifestations of anger, such as seen in poltergeists. In this case, however, she can manifest full-blown biological organisms to do her angry bidding.

I strongly encourage you to seek this one out. You won't be disappointed for its novelty and surreal qualities. I definitely put it in alignment with "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" and "Phantasm" for scary little people...


  1. This really does sound cool Autumnforest! I am also at loose-ends how I missed so many films like this from the 70s-I really appreciate the heads up-best to you as always!!

  2. Hey Dev;
    Whenever I find whole ones online, I'll let you know. A lot of times if you type in "70s horror movies" on YouTube you can find ones that people put into parts and you can see the whole thing piece by piece.

  3. I don't remember this one. I'll check it out. Thanks for the post.