Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blogs For Every Mood, Hobby, Personality, and Interest

“I want a one-stop place that has links to the latest blog posts on the Internet about the paranormal.”

“I want a one-stop place that has links to the latest blog posts on the Internet about aliens, UFOs, and paranormal.”

“I want a one-stop place that has links to the latest blog posts on alien info”

“I want a blog for reading great recaps of the latest episodes of paranormal shows”

“I want to read a blog by folks who are totally into urban legends, ghost stories, and all things paranormal with a perspective that’s honest and real.”

“I want to see creepy crafts and people into make spooky art.”

“I want to read a blog by someone who’s completely immersed in Halloween, is king of special effects, and has an awesome shop of horrors, someone who can show me things I didn’t know about the season.”

“I want a kind of `Practical Magic’ Martha Stewart blog that makes the world beautiful, magical, and witchy.

“I want a blog for Fortean, well-read, liberal intellects who enjoy philosophy, theories, politics, social issues, and literature,”

“I want a blog for people who love Cold War/art/missile silos and all things slick and nostalgic from the 40s to the 80s?”

“I want a blog for fortean zoology(cryptids.

“I want a blog for Wiccans to just hang and talk.”

“I want a place where a devout Christian can also talk UFOs.”

“I want a place to hear about all things paranormal.”

“I want to check out a cute comic that makes me smile.”

“I want a blog that’s written by someone real, someone with a bawdy sense of humor, who says it like it is.”

”I want a blog about ghost hunters and what’s up in other states and in the industry.”

“I want a blog by a hunter of vampires and zombies”

“I want a blog that takes me away to a quiet inlet of the Chesapeake with photographs and stories of life at a slower pace."

“I want movie reviews from someone I can trust, no ego, just good commonsense and a wide variety from obscure to current releases.”

“I want a blog that reviews obscure horror movies”

“I want a site by a babyboomer who’s seen it all, done it all, and is kicking back now to enjoy the countryside, chasing around historic sites and beautifully photographing them.”

“I want a blog by someone real!”

Admittedly, I'm practically cross-eyed reviewing all the blogs I follow to find you good matches. If I missed one, please let me know.


  1. This blog: always has great spine chilling stories and is one to add to your list.

  2. Julie;
    Thanks! I'll definitely add it.

  3. Thanks so much for this post Autumnforest!! thanks also for including my little place-altho I am so all over the place any more I don't really know where I am going! I will definitely check some of these out-the ones that I knew of are indeed great that you included-that aliencasebookfringe is wonderful and many others. I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday-all the best!!

  4. Yeah, the paranormal casebook and the alien casebook fringe can really keep you busy reading! is one of my favorite sites and has a lot of articles and news updates fairly regularly, but the paranomal and alien casebook is updated every day. I have a hard time keeping up with the casebook updates (I think I actually found this blog on the paranormal casebook).

  5. Dev;
    Hope your weekend is going well. I had a productive one-now getting a chance to prop my stupid foot up and rest it. I ruptured my achilles tendon two years ago and a year ago got surgery but I'm still struggling with the recovery and trying to learn to put my feet up, but I'm one of those horribly energetic people who's excited about everything she does, so I hate to rest. Hummingbird--that's what my buds call me. hee hee. Don't worry about not having a focus on your blog, mine goes everywhere too. It's Ghost Hunting Theories, but I talk about bigfoot and UFOs and spirituality... When a person has lots of interests, it should show in their blog. If you're into all those things, they probably are too.

    I agree--paranormal casebook makes it simple for the rest of us to see what's up out there. I've found other sites that way too. That's probably why I put the links at the top of my post so folks would go there first and fall in love.

  6. Well, how crazy. You wrote this one even before I posted mine about you...didn't know until just now. THANKS! Not only for the mention, but for giving me yet MORE blogs to add to my list that originated from YOU! =)

  7. Courtney;
    I have that tendency to lock on at the same time with what others are thinking or planning to do. It's just one of those Kismet things I've learned to accept. When I saw your post, I had to smile. It's weird how great minds think alike. :-)