Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Must See--Highly Recommend!

(Above: Nostalgic image from his blog)

Every now and then I accidentally stumble onto a blog that has me intrigued. This one I'm about to recommend was so beautiful and so intelligent and so neat and tidy, it caught my eye right away. I love Cold War-themed subjects and post-apocalyptic imagery. One of my favorite hobbies is photographing abandoned sites and my son’s focus of his art major is filming the crumbling 1950s baby boomer infrastructure as it comes down around his generation’s ears. This extremely talented photographer seems to share our fixation with atomic bombs and Cold War structures.

If you’re intrigued by the Cold War era and technology, the hidden fallout shelters and surprisingly hidden missile silos, this is a fantastic blog. He will definitely engage your mind and your artistic eye.

I encourage you to follow Atomic-Annihilation and I don’t often recommend them, but James Vaughan (click on his name to see his blog) seems to be a perfect fit with the majority of my followers, so that’s why I’m recommending his blog.


  1. Thanks for the link and heads up. We are now following his blog and will be checking it out along with our other favorites.

  2. Why does my 3 year old starts to cry saying she see a witch standing outside our home. What does this mean?