Monday, September 21, 2009

Bear With Me

I'm testing new templates trying to find the right one. I always seem to find some flaw that's impossible. At least the photos are now no longer see-through. I hope to have it tweaked by the end of the day. I also need to re-add all the blogs I follow (quite a list!) so hang on and blogs I've visited will be added shortly.


  1. This one looks pretty good!
    Thanks again for your encouraging words, I truly am exicted to move there. I know we will be very happy.

  2. @eloh;
    I hope you like this one. I was trying to find something with a bit of a haunted theme--appropriate, but getting the font color/size adjusted sucks. I wish they gave you a zillion more color choices.

    I think you should definitely let your blog follow the huge life change and upheaval and move. Everyone has to do it some time--a huge adjustment, and sharing the fears and excitement helps. I know back in my 20s when I had panic attacks (short lived, thank goodness), I was getting ready to start school again and I was in my car sitting in a parking lot having a bottled water and trying to get up my gumption to quite dawdling and go to school. I remember my hands were sweating on the steering wheel, my heart was thumping, I was short of breath. I thought to myself...there's a lot of ways to interpret these symptoms. After sex, they'd make perfect sense, but I was hardly in that situation, so I moved on...they're the symptoms of fear, sure, but what did I have to fear? I hadn't even met my teachers yet. Then, it dawned on me they're the symptoms of excitement, like the night before Christmas. I decided I was excited about school and the hope of a new career and these were good symptoms and perfectly appropriate. It forever changed how I view anxiety and worry... Hope that helps, but it sounds like you'll make a smooth transition, the only anxiety being packing up and settling in.

  3. This one is cool. I know what you mean about the background having too much going on. I like the one on our Above the Norm blog but my Random Mind's templete is just to busy. I am currently working on a new one for that blog.