Sunday, August 16, 2009

Successful KII Sessions!

I admit to having used the KII meter extensively trying to get a response from it like you see on “Ghost Hunters” with absolutely zero success.

The device is basically used by electricians to see if a wire is live before working, so it needs to be held up to an electrical device to get a reading. If you move it away just a little bit, the lights go out and it no longer registers electrical fields. In normal turned on mode, it shows one green light. If EMF gets higher, other lights light up, each color correlating with a level of electromagnetic fields.

After using it for hours on end in different locations without even a blip, I was skeptical about bringing it with me on my latest study. Although the location and even the geology were fairly promising and the level of human suffering immense, I had my doubts it would finally show anything.

Although I usually wait years to divulge any details of any study for reasons of professionalism (some residents and owners don’t want even a hint of a place that could be traced back to them), I can say I used it this weekend (at a vaguely described location) and found the KII meter to be the best piece of equipment (other than my EFM detector) that I brought along.

Once we established the areas of high EMF in the building, we moved on to the floor creaking issues. It made a much different sound when weight was applied to the boards compared to when they were released after walking on them when the building cooled down for the night. Although we heard no creaking boards, we decided to let our senses take us.

My ghost hunting partner and I work very well together, like J&G (TAPS). We have a companionable ability to coax things forward with casual conversation and friendly voices. My first impression on my initial walk through is always to focus on the places I definitely felt something unusual about. I ignored the places with high EMF because that could very well be what was affecting my sensations, so we focused on the places I knew something was lurking.

The building had been changed a great deal over the years, but the basic structure remained and the original entrance. That was a place I thought my have residual from entry in and out of the door. We parked ourselves in some comfy chairs, put the KII on the table in the center of the room. There wasn’t a ceiling fan or electrical device within 10 feet. We kicked back and started talking, hoping that soft murmuring voices and light casual conversation might be interesting. For a time, I spoke about "you don't know us, so I'll tell you. I'm a writer and an artist, love to garden and cook, and my favorite thing is to have my back scratched." My partner proceeded to introduce herself. We finally began to ask questions and explain the green light on our device and how if they touched it, the lights would light up and we’d know they were there.

A light flickered. My entire body went up in flames of goosebumps—it was so intense, I felt as if my hair should be standing on end. I don’t think I’ve ever had one quite like that. I knew something was there. I could nearly smell ozone. It was very prickly/crackly.

We told them it if its answer was “yes,” to make the lights light up. If its answer was “no,” to not light up the lights. We then asked if it if it was a male. Nothing. Was it a female? Nothing. That baffled us because you have to be one or the other, right? I thought a moment and asked, “are there more than one of you?” The answer was “yes.” To test the efficacy of the answers, we waited unusual pauses at times between questions to see if it would light without us speaking. Nope. The minute we asked a question like “are you lonely?” The lights went on. If we asked “were you a patient here?” Nothing. Then, “did you live here?” Lights went on. We continued this conversation for a 5-8 minutes and continually got responses exactly after the questions but never when we weren’t asking questions. Sometimes we talked to each other for a while and nothing happened. Then, we included “them” in on the conversation and they’d answer again and again. I could tell we were losing them when another group investigating the building had come to join up and was making a lot of noise. We couldn’t get them back, though we tried for many long minutes. Nothing. My sense of something being there was completely gone.

Both of us were so stunned by the very obvious correlations, even when we tried to trick it, that we had nothing to say to each other. We walked in separate directions to try and figure out what just happened. That’s usually how we operate, trying to find some mind time to explain away something. And, we sometimes hope by dividing, whatever it is that it liked, it can follow that person alone.

I went down a hallway that met another hall. I stopped and felt compelled to just wait there. I felt something where the two halls converged and it wasn’t air circulating, it was that crackling, prickly, goosebumps up one side of my body feeling. I put the KII meter on the ground at my feet and watched it light up. I continued to watch it dancing with lights until the sense of “it” being there was gone. I looked down and the lights weren’t fluctuating anymore. I watched it and it was still for a long time, so I pushed it with my toe into the other hallway. Nothing. I watched it several minutes there without any activity. Just to see if the other hall had some kind of electrical issue, I pushed it back to the same original spot. Nothing. It was dead activity wise when before it was flickering madly. I leaned back and waited until I felt something coming down the hall again and causing a weird disruption in the feel of the space around me. It began to flicker up and down again. It danced for a minute as it passed me and stopped. It was dead for a long time, so I stopped that session.

The group decided to do a controlled EVP session in the main hall where the footsteps were heard. We all sat down along the walls and put our recorders down and called out questions occasionally and if anyone so much as shifted their weight or coughed, they had to announce it. I had the KII meter in the hall on the floor. We watched the light to see if more would light up. It was completely dead. About 15 minutes into the EVP session someone asked a question if they might be a child. My lights started up on the meter. We all stared at it and watched as a woman coaxed with a soothing voice. The lights went mad as she was calling to it. When she stopped, it went away. When she started again in a motherly voice, it went bonkers. We did this over and over again a good 5 minutes. Someone else asked a new question off the mark and the lights stopped completely for the rest of the 30-minute session.

The night was winding down, so my partner and I chose a room we felt might have some promise. It had high EMF readings around the periphery from office equipment. We sat down in some chairs in the center of the room after measuring with Gauss meter and the KII to find almost nonexistent EMF (baseline readings). We set it down and decided to talk for a while.

It seems that once you have personal conversation, it somehow coaxes the phenomenon forward. We talked about our lives and what’s going on with us and our hopes and goals and when talk became more personal, the lights began. We asked if it liked our conversation and wanted to join us. The lights went mad. We offered it to join us and asked if it ever felt like we did. The lights fluttered up and down again. We continued this little conversation for a good 5 minutes. Finally, we realized we had to end and leave the premises, so we told “it” that we had to leave. It went mad with the lights for a long time. I tried to talk gently and coax it to stop making the lights go nuts. I told it to move away from the device and the lights went off. I told it to come back and the lights went mad again. I tried this at weird intervals, waiting sometimes a few minutes between asking. Every time, it exactly correlated with immediate response. When we told it we truly had to leave, it went mad with the lights again. I told it that it needed to get some rest and to step away. The device stopped lighting. We thanked it and (hedging our bets in case spirits do actually exist) we told it that the people in this office might not hear it, but they know they’re there and are happy to have them nearby watching over them.

All in all, it was a very strange night. I’m a highly skeptical ghost hunter as it is, not letting emotions rule me. I do, however, open up to read a place and feel where energy is strange. This location had a quiet geomagnetic evening so that had me assuming it was lame. I wondered if my estimations that it took geomagnetic activity to have a good ghost hunt evening was off the mark. Then, I looked at the context in which we were hunting and one of the issues for the building was the amount of equipment in it and the EMF fields. If you have a building with a fairly high energy output, you might not need a geomagnetically active evening. But, if you are in an abandoned jail somewhere, you definitely need it. This confirmed for me that energy in general is essential and that might explain, as well, why waterways also might be vital to a good hunt.

I’m hoping to get the video I took of the session on my son’s Mac. His computer is just easier to deal with video—I hate Microsoft with a passion! If it came out, I hope to put it on YouTube and embed the video into a post this week. I still need to review the audio, but today’s my day off and I refuse to sit and listen to audio for hours.


  1. autumnforest...this is awesome!! i can't wait for more!

  2. So very cool. Wow. That's all I can say.

  3. I'm hyped to check out the video and see if it came out okay--the room was completely dark, so hopefully you can see the lights going off as we question

  4. Fantastic! I would also like to see the YouTube video.