Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Weird USA" - Paranormal Bible

People ask me all the time what kind of books I have on my shelf that pertain to the unknown. I have quite a few obscure ones, but the one I consider to be the necessity on any shelf, the veritable Bible of the Creepy is “Weird USA” by Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman. They’ve since branched out to do individual states in the weird series which would be a second choice to add to your collection after this classic.

This book is such a fascinating read, you might consider it your toilet reader. Yeah, lots of short stories that you can pick up and turn to any page and read within minutes. Do Americans still have shitter readers? I’m a child from the 60s/70s, so I do recall the Reader’s Digest sufficed, as did some books written specifically for the purpose of short reads in the can. In my childhood, that was the early version of multitasking since we didn't have home computers and cell phone texting.

Just some of the things covered in this exciting and spine-tingling book are; The Bunnyman Bridge, The Philadelphia Experiment, The Hideous Melon Heads, Albino Village, Hookerman Lights, Winchester Mystery Home, The Devil’s Road and the Cult House, The Portal to Hell is Down in the Grove, Curse of the Bell Witch, and so many more that it’s impossible to count. I saw that Amazon right now advertises used versions for as low as $8 and it’s worth the amount over many times.

If you read through this book and don’t decide to make a local trip to one of the weird sites listed, I’ll be shocked. If you want to know “what do we do in the way of weird in Nebraska?” this book will help you. The individual state ones can give you many road trip vacations within your own state to the weird, eccentric, and paranormal and make for one memorable vacation.

If you have only one paranormal book on your shelves, this guy’s the one.


  1. I wanted to get a copy of Weird Michigan for my son. I think I will. In blogland it's always Halloween and I'm super glad. Love the ghost hunters too! :)

  2. This is one I need to get. I'm betting it's already on my huge Wishlist.
    Oh, and thanks a lot for the mental picture of somebody posting or texting while sitting on the can! LOL!