Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Upcoming Movies of Note


  1. Oh yeah!
    The Fourth Kind looks cool
    Zombieland looks totally hilarious and entertaining and
    Legion looks freaky good.

  2. OKay i need to watch legion noooow!

  3. Georgina--I think the angel is super sexy in "Legion" When he has his wings on--wow!
    I probably should have posted their release dates:
    The Fourth Kind: November 6
    Zombieland: October 9
    Legion: January 22, 2010

  4. The first movie is very disturbing but looks really good. Zombieland, with Woody as a Zombie killer, looks like a horror/comedy, which I love to watch. I reminds me of Tremors, lol. Legion looks really good too.

  5. Yeah, Julie. I expect Zombieland to be as funny as or funnier than Shaun of the Dead. Legion just looks hot and sexy. I can't help it--it's the black wings. Wow! Such a bad angel (spank spank). I can't wait for "The Fourth Kind" because it seems like it'll disturb me long after seeing it and I probably won't want to sleep for days. Now, that's a good scary movie!

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  7. Pooja;
    I have to admit I was laughing out loud in the theater during the trailer. Oh my gosh! Woody is the perfect person for that role (I'm so glad they didn't use Owen Wilson who is the usual comic relief nowadays). Only Woody could make it look sexy and easy. I think it will be equal to or greater than Shaun of the Dead.