Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Think Tank: Crop Circles


Above: Supposed film of a crop circle being formed by flying objects)

This is a new line of posts I’m doing based on the idea that conspiracy theories and interesting phenomenon make for great banter back and forth. Since I have some of the most intelligent followers on this blog, I figured maybe we should do a think tank every now and then. I’ll bring up a subject and info about it. You guys come up with theories to explain it.

Today’s subject: CROP CIRCLES

Basics: As early as the 17th century in England it was written about a “mowing devil” that beat down crops. The 1970s found a rise in crop circles. From Wikipedia “Notably also, the crop generally continues to ripen in a 'genuine' circle, being laid flat rather than broken. Some researchers have found that the corn appears to have bent at the nodes of the stalks, showing that can only be replicated in the lab using a microwave oven. In rarer cases, this has occurred near the top of the stems, not the bottom, all but ruling out human involvement.” Also from Wikipedia, “Crop circle maker John Lundberg, in an interview with Mark Pilkington, spoke about this change in crop circle designs: "I am rather envious of circlemakers in other countries. Expectations about the size and complexity of formations that appear in the UK are now very high, whereas the rather shabby looking Russian formation made the national news.”

Let’s talk about the most popular explanations. Please comment and let me know what you think on the subject and any theories you might have or if you might have another alternative. This is our think-tank time.

1. Man-made. Hoaxers such as Doug Bower, Dave Chorley, and John Lundberg. have shown how with ropes and a board, they can press down these elaborate shapes. Competitions have even been held. But, let’s remember that although a person can make the sounds of footsteps, so can phenomenon when no one is around. That doesn’t mean all footsteps come from a person wearing shoes and walking in the room at the present moment.
2. Ball lightning or whirlwinds/tornadoes. Perhaps the most ludicrous of all explanations—the patterns aren’t random as found in nature or plainly curlicue as in a whirlwinds scrolling scars.
3. Alien spacecraft creations. These are believed to be messages from “above.” That they would use such an archaic and unintelligible method to converse is akin to humans visiting great apes in Africa and using Morse code and tapping on trees to say “hello.”


  1. This one has me stumped. Some of the designs are so intricate, it really has me thinking that they could only be made by man.

  2. There have been many theories passing by for many years now.
    Amongst the above I've heard:

    - It's like a logo, stamp, per race/group. Showing what is theirs.
    - It's part of the goal to expand our consciousness.
    - Crop circles are blueprints to build a device/machine/etc.
    - Gaia (earth's consciousness) creates these for releasing or attracting energy.
    - Portals, gateways, energy tunnels.
    - Distractions from the bigger picture.

  3. Roel;
    Great input! You know, it's hard to look at them without thinking how amazing they are. I admit as a kid making designs in the snow that took up about 3 acres of land, hoping planes would see them. They were rather simplistic and extremely hard to do. If someone's out there at night chugging along with some ropes and a board, they're doing an amazing job. The logical part of me has trouble accepting that aliens would use such a primitive means to leave a message, but it's also hard to believe the condition much of the crops are left in, as far as having strange microwave-induced nodes and being bent without being broken. I suppose the only reason I remain skeptical is that people have shown they can do it and also we get so very few in America but so many in England, which makes me think it's locals. Some day, I'd like the opportunity to observe one and see for myself what I feel about it. I suspect I'd be able to pick up on anything that isn't right by just opening up my psychic abilities to read objects...

  4. Autumnforest: Thank you and you're welcome.
    Sorry for the late response but since I'm commenting all over the web I have a hard time keeping up and keeping track. :)
    What convinced me that not all circles are man-made was that youtube video showing a white glowing orb pushing the corn into a shape in just seconds.
    Some circles are just too complex to be made in one night aswell.
    Many reports indeed show levels of radiation or feelings of energy this is something I can not back up because I've not visited a circle like that yet, but I have to keep faith and trust in my people on some scale. :-)