Thursday, August 13, 2009

Real Life Stranger Than Fiction

I was watching TV while using my laptop to edit my manuscript (I really need to stop doing that, the TV is very distracting). Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something on the screen and I thought, "Is Peter Pan coming back to town again at the college theater?" Then, I looked up and saw it full-on. It was a photo of Michael Jackson. It dawned on me then how much this man worked to become a boy in Neverland. Even his face was altered to look as much like his idol as possible and he tried very hard for many years to fill his home with a ragtag band of unwanted unloved boys.

Sometimes, reality is weirder than fiction. So much torment in the soul from a young age, so much self loathing and repressed anger. It makes you wonder what sort of spirit Michael Jackson would have and just what he would haunt. I'd guess he'd stay away from Neverland--bad memories. He probably would want to be around his kids, but I suspect that having them around his mom might make him uncomfortable--too much like watching his own awful childhood again.

Where do you think Michael Jackson would haunt?


  1. I think Neverland is exactly where he would be. To put so much time and effort into a place like that had to be a labor of love. He made his own safe world away from everything. He even tried to share it because he thought it was so great. If Neverland was haunted it would be by Michael.

  2. I think it was the only real home he ever had. I guess it concerns me most when a grown man so identifies with boys. It's very much like a pedophile. I have such mixed feelings about him. I don't think the art he created was worth the sacrifice of himself and he obviously had been like a prized racing horse, beaten hard and honored only for what he could perform. We can't even imagine what he might have been like if he hadn't had to carry his whole family for so many years. I can feel a lot of empathy for him as a wounded child, but I also feel an anger that he couldn't face the real world and was in such denial about everything he did. It's like a pedophile--someone helped make them that way so you understand how screwed up they could be, but then they decided to do that to someone else and that makes you twice as angry because they should really understand how horrible that is. People in deep denial always make me uneasy. They don't have to live by our rules at all and when they have fame and money they can do what they want and never have to answer for it. I guess he did answer for it a few months ago. He's the definition of tragedy. I secretly hope his family feels really guilty too. They not only helped him be that way, but they benefitted from him being out of it all the time. Vultures, all of them.

  3. i'm relatively sure michael wouldnt be at neverland, it ended up being bad, after all the trials & accusations & such. i think he's with his kids, i do think that no matter what else, he really was a good dad.

  4. He would definately haunt Neverland, a place that was probably his only real home where he felt happy and safe. His story, even after death, it still a huge mystery.