Friday, August 7, 2009

Post-Apocalyptic Movies

Since I decided to re-theme my Halloween party this year from “Dancing in the Graveyard” to “Post-Apocalyptic Graveyard,” I’ve had fun designing the stray and trashy stuff that’ll litter the yard and the creepy leftover doll parts garden and the cemetery, but what’s really fun is looking for inspiration in movies. Since it’s too freakin’ hot in AZ to do anything outside, I’m limited to reviewing Post-Apocalyptic movies for prop and costume ideas. I forgot how many great ones are out there.

I found this genre can be categorized even further, so hopefully this will help you find the one that suits your mood:

The Bad, the Badder, and The Baddest” (These are about too little resources and too much lawlessness):

“Mad Max”
“Escape from New York”
“Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome”
“Red Dawn” (my favorite)

Zombie” (The citizens just aren’t what they used to be)

“Resident Evil”
“Omega Man” (my favorite)
“28 Days Later”
“Dawn of the Dead”
“I am Legend”

Toxic Badlands” (Planet ain’t too habitable anymore)

“A Boy and His Dog”
“Reign of Fire” (my favorite)

New World Order” (Things are gonna have to change)

“Soylent Green”
“12 Monkeys”
“Logan’s Run”
“Planet of the Apes” (my favorite)
“Children of Men”


  1. Autumnforest -boy are you right about that -enjoying the great outdoors is not an option for awhile it would seem-unless you want to melt!! I enjoyed all of the movies you had under "New World Order" and 28 Days Later I thought was great also -and of course some of the others-there is one post apocalyptic movie thats name is on the tip of my tongue that I enjoyed very much-seems like about three years ago I rented it-it seems like it was a foreign film subtitled-if I can think of the name after searching I will come back and try to do my first "live" link in a comment section-can't promise anything with the live part haha-best to you as always!! I am definitely wishing it was October!!

  2. Hey Devin;
    Yeah, let me know if you come up with the name. I went through a crap-load of them and I use that terms purposely because a lot of people think post-apocalyptic means you can have no set and no props and just a desert--nope. There's one I really loved and should have added that I thought was the most realistic one about what it would be was from the mid 50s I think. It was about irradiation and these people that find a house in a valley and hide there and there's some mutant animals, but it was mostly about what man does once he's on his own--whoever owns the guns, owns them all, type of mentality. "The Day The World Ended." Now I remember the name, of course after writing the post! :-)

  3. I found it Autumnforest! It was a foreign 2003 film-will try my first 'live link'

    The Time of the Wolf I hope this works-if it doesnt do a yahoo search (if the addy is no longer there after I hit publish comment) and type in "the time of the wolf" and there is a wikipedia link about it-set in an unknown foreign country after an unknown disaster-here goes nothhing!! all the best!!

  4. It used to be that the temp would drop on Halloween making that night cold, at least cold to us desert dwellers. But now, it's more like Decemeber when the colder weather comes. Your party sounds like fun. I think any of those movies will set the mood especially the more scary and grusome ones. What are you going to dress as for your Halloween party?

  5. Hey Devin; I read it and it looks fantastic--I'm going to check that one out. Thanks!

    Julie; I showed some pictures and talked about it in my entry a week ago called "Halloween 2009 costume" It's a kind of Resident Evil twist on a ghost hunter costume. I'll cover the party on the blog, no doubt. I have a lot of special effects to make. My costume is going to have me in a tank top and shorts and hiking boots with acessories, but it should be ideal for Halloween. I'm the type who wears tank tops and shorts all year round--I don't get cold. I'm definitely hot-blooded, which makes AZ A prison sentence. Hee hee. Check out the entry and tell me what you think of the costume--could use some girl's input.

  6. Cool costume, can't wait to see the pictures.