Friday, August 14, 2009

Portals For Otherworld Beings?

I’m in the dark and spooky Halloween mood, so I thought I’d write about something that should unsettle you.

I caught an article today about Bigfoot leaving some impressive footprints in the Bridgewater Triangle. I wrote about this area in a post not too long ago, one of those strange places in the world that seems to be filled with weird stuff. The geology does seem ideal for a portal of strangeness. That being said, I reviewed some of the other places around North America known for strange creatures and weird encounters. It had me wondering about the concept of portals for otherworldly beings.

My first real introduction to this concept was when I read the super creepy book “Hunt For the Skinwalkers” about a ranch in NE Utah that supposedly had everything from UFOs to strange otherworldly creatures, portals, and just about every kind of paranormal activity one can imagine. Here’s a passage from the book I found to be one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever read:

Page 145: (Mike and Jim were observing a light in the distance). Mike uses the binoculars) Jim looked carefully at the light below. It had now expanded to more than two feet. Something that big should definitely register on film. “Oh my God,” Mike said suddenly, thoroughly frightened. “There is a black creature climbing out. I see his head.” Jim felt alarm. His companion was plainly bordering on panic. “It has no face.” Mike whispered…it’s on the ground,” he said. “Oh my God, it walked away.”

Places that report such occurrences are not that rare. Just some famous locations in the US include the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and the Jersey Devil sightings, Point Pleasant in West Virginia and the Mothman sightings, the Bridgewater Triangle and its Bigfoot sightings, as well as the Skinwalker ranch. Mexico reports flying humanoids. Peru has Nazca lines for aerial beings of uncertain origin.

Is it in human nature to what to have visitations from human-like beings from the sky who leave crop circles, educate primitive man to build pyramids, warn of impending doom, or simply scare the bejesus out of us? Or, are these legends based on some truth that we have yet to face, something we only glimpse occasionally but is always there? The truth that our world is not ours alone. Perhaps our worldis everyone's,including those who go in and out of physicality in which we can perceive them momentarily.

To learn more about some of these reports, here’s some good links.
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  1. That's something I'm really big on. Portals, Window Areas, whatever they may be. You need to add Englan's Cannock Chase region as well, Nick Redfern has written much about strange creature sightings and UFOs there.
    If only we could predict where and when a window will open. Maybe someday...

  2. Hey Gummer;
    Thanks for the info on the other places. I'm so consumed by this interesting idea that I want to start mapping out what I can find about when the phenomenon starts/stops and what features the area has. You don't see this happening in NY city, so I'm figuring there might be something either remote/geological/or tectonic about it...

  3. Another place that seems to be a portal for weirdness is Mount Shasta in California. People have seen ghosts, bigfoot, UFOs, aliens, and Lemurians there. There's few places in the world where you can get such a wide spectrum of paranormal activity! Some say there is some sort of UFO base under the mountain. Others say a remnant of the ancient lost continent of Lemuria (a.k.a. Mu)live under there in a city called "Telos". The Lemurians allegedly exist there as some sort of higher spiritual beings, or some type of semi-physical/spiritual beings. It seems that regardless of what sort or paranormal activity you are looking for, you can find it at Mount Shasta!

    I've also heard that it's supposedly one of the entrances to the "Inner Earth", which is allegedly where races of advanced people/aliens/spirit beings live. People that believe it usually claim that the center of the Earth is hollow too. There are several other alleged entrances to the "Inner Earth" around the world too.