Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poltergeists: Signs of a Residual Imprinting Itself?

In my studies of 50 haunted sites to find similarities and conditions that are ideal for a haunting to be laid down, I discovered geology and the structure of the building, as well a history of trauma/death can be the strongest factors in creating an ideal site for a haunting.

My curiosity got the better of me when I was recalling a residual haunting in our home when I was growing up, one that was laid down by my sister when she would get angry and pound on the walls and scream. It made me begin to wonder what happens in the environment the moment a residual is laid down. Do extreme emotions in the right environment lay down the tract for a residual haunting?

Consider this, poltergeist activity is strongly tied to adolescents and adults with a good deal of repressed emotions and difficulties. If this kind of telekinetic energy can transfer to objects and cause motion, what does it do to the walls and floors of the environment? Could poltergeist activity be the telltale sign that a residual haunting is being imprinted in the environment?

Are residual hauntings laid down in times of great emotion and begin with what appears to be poltergeist activity because of the altering of surroundings by emotional transference?

This made me consider the residual hauntings that most people witness which involve footsteps and walking patterns that were obviously played over and over in the environment over many hours, many days, many weeks, many years, something so repetitive, like footsteps up the stairs at Aspen Grove, that they imprinted themselves. There was not a particular burst of strong emotion in such an instance, but more a human whose brain was active and emotions were present, repeating something mindlessly over and over again which over time could potentially leave an imprint, just as when you dig enough into wood with your pencil you leave your initials. But, if you struck at the wood all at once with a hammer's claw, you'd get a gouging mark all at once.

Is this the way residuals are born?

I said to myself today, "Hey, it's Wednesday, let's make people wake up from their midweek zombie state and think." I'd love to hear your input on this theory.


  1. I have never thought of it like that. When i was in my parents house some weird things were happening(some closets opening on their own, me closing them, then see them open again, me totally freaking out while all alone.Then the stereo opening by itself, me going to the kitchen then again...)I do not know if it was indeed linked to my emotions but all this happened during a very bad period in my life.
    So,was it me?
    Back then i was positive that something was there. But maybe i triggered it somewhow..

  2. As you may know, I am not familiar with hauntings, ghosts, etc. I'm not really sure of what risiduals are but from your post here I think I have a good idea now. I am really very fearfull of stuff like this and tend to stay clear.

  3. Wow -you always give me (us) so much to think about Autumnforest!-but I would tend to think whole-heartedly that poltergeist phenomena could very probably be the emotions of a real event imprinting itself on the inanimate objects around it-I hadn't thought about it this way before-and I wish I could have more directly experienced things like this (altho it would probably scare the daylights outta me!) but this is a very good article for the mid-week-I always thought it was interesting that many times it seems that those people in those very awkward years (middle school-early teens) seem to be the catalyst for these events to start-best to you as always and I hope you are having a great week!!

  4. Georgina;
    It tends to occur around adolescence and especially regarding females. When I was growing up, our house had lots of residual and some sightings of a full-body, but when my sisters who were 11 months apart in age hit their adolescence, poltergeist stuff started occurring. Then, when I hit my adolescence and they were in their late teens/early 20s, it went nuts. I do think that women perhaps are just better at expressing their feelings in a kinetic way and therefore changing the environment. Poltergeist activity can and often does happen even in modern homes that are frame construction, yet they usually do have good geology. It intrigues me. I hope to come up with more theories.

    Yeah, a residual haunting is where the same thing plays out over and over. Some folks think it's the ghost repeating his patterns, but I'm definitely inclined to believe that the event replays itself over and over again--with no involvement of a spirit form at all. It's like a movie being played.

    Glad I got your mind perked up in the midweek. It definitely makes people wonder if a well-built high school located on good geology might be a fantastic stomping ground for residual... hmm... :-)