Friday, August 7, 2009

Monsterquest Flying Humanoids Airs Saturday

The episode about flying humanoids that was soooo cool and disturbing is replaying on History Channel at 2 pm on Saturday the 8th (tomorrow). Be sure to tape it, it's worth keeping.


  1. Definately worth watching and recording. I thought is was so interesting and a bit creepy.

  2. teddy went on the trip. her pic was on yesterday's post and it is a cute one. however, i almost killed my husband. my son and i went to the music store and my husband stayed outside with teddy. i noticed an inlet but did not pay much attention to it. whe we came outside i looked and saw teddy emerging from the inlet and she was black!! mind you, she was on her leash being 'watched' by my husband. i looked at the inlet and it had an oil slick covering it and it was right next to the highway. not only did he allow her to go in up to her ears he let her dink the water as well. my son and i ran to the store and bought bottles of water. it barely helped. on the way home i pulled off the road and drove to a lake and let her go in and it still hardly came off. and the smell!!!! so the next day she got groomed. someone was in the doghouse and it was not teddy! we should have photographed it but i was so pissed i forgot!

  3. watching it now, & it is GOOD!!

  4. Jaz;
    I hope you got pic's of Teddy the oil boy. Yeah, it'll probably take some laundry soap to get that out. Ick! So much fluff too--chow chows are not fun to clean--just ask me how it went when ours needed cleaning in the backside. Yikes! I love to see and hear about your trials and tribulations in search of beauty and bliss.

    Hope you're getting goosebumps!

  5. Dagnabit! I forget to set the DVR and missed it...even with your heads up. I really wanted to see this because I hadn't, but you made it sound good. (Heck it gave you nightmares. Not that I know you personally, but from what I've read it sounds like it'd take a lot to creep you out!) Hopefully they'll rerun this one soon so I can catch up. (Or maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be under On Demand. I'll check tonight!)

  6. I actually got to watch it here in Hawaii. These sightings are pretty creepy, I just wish the videos would have been a little better quality.