Monday, August 31, 2009

Lunacy: Crazy About Moon Trivia

Old folklore says if there’s a ring around the moon, then bad weather is coming. This may be based on fact, as that “moon dog” is actually a sign of water droplets in the air causing a rainbow effect. It is believed that you can count the amount of stars you see within that ring and it tells you how many days until the bad weather comes.

Blue moon refers to the threel-year chance of having two full moons in one month. This year, we have a blue moon on…New Year’s Eve. Obviously the term, “it happens once in a blue moon” refers to the rarity of this phenomenon. It was believed in the olden days that a blue moon had a face in it and would talk to those who stood in its light.

Harvest moon, perhaps the most favorite term and event is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox (this year, it’s on October 4th, let’s all mark our calendars and go out and see it the same night). Most full moons occur at sunset, but the harvest moon actually occurs after sunset when the sky is dark, so the moon on the horizon appears quite impressive. It gets its impressive name from the fact that it is so bright, farmers can harvest by its light.

January’s full moon is called “Full Wolf Moon”
February’s full moon is called “Full Snow Moon”
March’s full moon is called “Full Worm Moon”
April’s full moon is called “Full Pink Moon”
May’s full moon is called “Full Flower Moon”
June’s full moon is called “Full Strawberry Moon”
July’s full moon is called “Full Buck Moon”
August’s full moon is called “Full Sturgeon Moon”
September’s full moon is called “Full Corn Moon” (September 4th)
October’s full moon is called “Full Harvest Moon” (October 4th)
November’s full moon is called “Full Beaver Moon” (November 2nd)
December’s full moon is called “Full Cold Moon” (December 2nd)
Don’t forget—Blue Moon December 31st!

Moon cycles:
New moon (not visible), waxing crescent moon (1-49% visible), first quarter moon (right 50% visible), waxing gibbous moon (right 51-99% visible), full moon (fully visible), waning gibbous moon (left 51-99% visible), last quarter moon (left 50% visible), waning crescent moon (left 1-50% visible) , darkened moon (not visible)

Seeing the moon over your right shoulder was lucky, over your left shoulder was unlucky.

The most unlucky day possible is a Friday the 13th with a full moon. (June 13, 2014)

The best time to plant a crop is on a full moon.

If a family member died on a new moon, three more will soon follow.

A waning moon was an unlucky time for marriage or birth.

Being born on a full moon ensures a happy, long, prosperous life.

Rub a dirty washcloth over the warts, saying, "Away, away, away." Bury the dirty washcloth in the ground by the light of the full moon.


  1. "Seeing the moon over your right shoulder was lucky, over your left shoulder was unlucky."

    Hope I remember not to look over the left shoulder! :p

  2. Blue Moon also refers to one of my favorite does Honey Moon. ;)

    j/k - that is cool that a blue moon is coming at the end of the year!

  3. Thanks for the list of the moons. I was wondering when the Harvest Moon date was for Oct. I will be sure and go outside.

  4. LOLA: Yeah, I'm gonna be real cautious outside at night to keep the moon over my right shoulder.

    Geof; I agree. I like Blue Moon too. Yeah, the blue moon will be cool, but I'm really excited about Friday the 13th full moon. I remember us having a full moon on Halloween in 2001, I think it was. I recall because I thought it would be an insane night and following 9/11, no one was out trick-or-treating. We got 2 kids all evening. It was a funky night. The moon was wickedly awesome, though.

    Yeah, I hate to miss a harvest moon--they're sooooo gorgeous. Here in the desert, (because there's no such thing as trees or hills), we see it coming up the horizon real early. It's so cool!