Monday, August 24, 2009

Is Your Psychic Sense Run by the Autonomic System?

You have a vivid dream of being in an airplane. People are screaming around you. The attendant is rushing down the aisle. The plane pitches. The ground comes up quickly. Startled awake, you shake you head and try to quiet your pounding heart. Managing to go back to sleep, you wake up later to put the nightmare in perspective. That is, until two days later the news reports a plane going down.

A person nears death, loses pulse and breathing activity and lifts from his body towards a light at the end of a tunnel and a sense of being free and loved and content.

Edgar Cayce lays down on a cot and goes into what appears to be a sleep in which he calls out the answers to life’s big questions, such as what will happen in the future, why is this patient sick, how do we heal someone.

A ghost hunter feels their hairs stand on end, head feels pressurized, and then deep chills begin with goosebumps in the same spot reportedly where a person had died.

I’m psychic testing online and decide that I’m frustrated by agonizing over my answers and getting a weak score. Today, I decide to let my hand pick the cards to turn over on the screen, giving myself only 1 second to click on a card and not give it any thought whatsoever, in fact, I’m busy considering my plans for the day. My score is #1 amongst others for the day.

What do these events have in common? Psychic readings, yes. Conscious thought and direction, no.

I realized that my hardest opponent when I’m doing psychic reads is my own rather logical intellect. I doubt everything, second guess it, talk myself out of it, and generally over think it! A psychic read shouldn’t be like answering a test question, where you desperately file through your brain for the answer, erase the response, and choose another multiple choice answer, doubting yourself the whole way. Trying to do psychic reads that way is sure death of intuition.

Intuition, any psychic will tell you, is the simple act of just “knowing.” It’s as if it’s a fact, set in stone. You have no emotion attached to it, it simply is. Like contemplating gravity; if I throw this ball, it will fall to earth. I don’t doubt it, second guess it, or wish the results away. It’s a given. It’s fact. It’s known. That’s what a psychic read feels like when it clicks in your brain. Only intellect and conscious thought can will it into a bad interpretation that falls flat on the person being read. When I have airline disaster dreams, I know I can’t be hurt, I’m only a witness. Even though there is fire, screaming, and death around me, that part of the brain that emotes about such things and gives them meaning is not in an “on” position. There is no judgment, there is simply fact.

This realization had me correlating psychic abilities immediately with an autonomic response. According to Wikipedia, this is “The autonomic nervous system (ANS or visceral nervous system) is the part of the peripheral nervous system that acts as a control system functioning largely below the level of consciousness, and controls visceral functions The ANS affects heart rate, digestion, respiration rate, salivation, perspiration, diameter of the pupils, micturition (urination), and sexual arousal. Whereas most of its actions are involuntary, some, such as breathing, work in tandem with the conscious mind.”

The autonomic system is broken down into parasympathetic and sympathetic “Sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions typically function in opposition to each other. But this opposition is better termed complementary in nature rather than antagonistic. For an analogy, one may think of the sympathetic division as the accelerator and the parasympathetic division as the brake. The sympathetic division typically functions in actions requiring quick responses. The parasympathetic division functions with actions that do not require immediate reaction. Consider sympathetic as `fight or flight’ and parasympathetic as `rest and digest.’”

My guess is that the sympathetic system would actually be responsible for higher scoring on psychic tests online.

Remember this combination: Event, interpretation, action. (We can thank people like Albert Ellis for this one; rational emotive therapy. He and others like him taught us that we can’t have a feeling without first having a thought).

A person with panic attacks (out-of-the-blue fight-or-flight responses) gets an autonomic firing that causes a pounding heart, sweaty palms, trembling, lightheadness (event) then they try to use the conscious to explain it, “I must be going crazy,” or “I must be dying” (interpretation) and then respond by hiding in their houses or seeking medical help chronically to find a physical explanation(action).

As a psychic, we cannot let the conscious mind second doubt, question, or try to alter our interpretations to suit the client before us. We must remain of the unconscious mind, attributing no “good” or “bad” to information and thus no inappropriate and human response.

Why do people in sleep and near-death state experience psychic visions? They are not running on the conscious mind any longer which seeks to distract them from the “truth” that the autonomic system knows. Could the seat of our psychic knowledge be in a place that runs our body’s systems and not in the “mind” portion that we can consciously sift through? Where does a psychic retreat in his mind when doing a reading? Why did Cayce enter a sleep-like state? This might also explain why some people are better at psychic readings than others and why those people are often times called “sensitives” because in that state of being, as in the state of panic attacks, they have better hearing, better focus, better vision.

As an experiment, I’d like to offer everyone who wants to, go onto and take the tests. There’s one test that is called “quick remote viewing” choose 100 out of the amounts they offer. Now, when you do this test, they put a blank square on the screen and five pictures below. You choose the picture you think is going to show in that square.

Do the test the first time taking your time, study the pictures, imagine them in the square, pick the one you think it is. Go through all 100 (it actually goes rather quickly). Get your final score.

Now, do it a second time, only this time, as soon as the pictures pop up, let your hand pick where to click—take less than 2 seconds. Don’t think about this. Let only your hand choose. Now find out what the score is.

I’m curious to see how you do. Let me know your scores. I try to test on their daily and it helps me work my skills.

I’m hoping to devise a way to help people tap into their inherent psychic powers without all the “woo woo” magical/spiritual stuff. It’s really a very basic skill and everyone should be using theirs. It’s not for an annointed few. It's like ghost hunting finally coming out of the spiritual realm and into physical science's eye, I believe psychic ability is simply a fact of nature and not something paranormal in any way. Like any skill, practice and knowing your body's autonomic responses to right and wrong answers will tell you ahead of time which way to answer something.

We will soon discover that psychic abilities are in the body, not the mind.

Keep me posted! p.s. I did the test a few times today and did it the old fashioned way--studying my answers and second guessing myself--did very poorly!


  1. i will try it and let you know. i think the second time around will be hard for me, but give it my best shot

  2. Sandra;
    You're so open-minded. I found the second time, when you're trying not to let the pictures influence you, you should just stare at the button below that you click to make the next picture appear, then you can only see the pictures peripherally and can't focus on one in particular. Good luck!

  3. Autumnforest-I will try that today or tomorrow-it sounds very interesting but I can't imagine how I would fare as I am usually as psychic as an asparagus! This post brought a lot back to me from the small amount of medical training I received-and I thought it was extremely helpful being reminded that when the hairs stand up on the back of your neck its for a reason! Jeff Wells at Rigorous Intuition has a quote by Rumi -kinda paraphrasing here "When a feeling of aversion comes into a soul it is not without reason..." and I always think back to that also when I read much of the things I do on the web. Even in regards to your reply at my place today about the "bad" sister. I think we are all endowed with these abilities to some degree-the aversion feeling is the one I am best at-it is the only "good" psychic ability I have-it rarely lets me down. I also used to have an awful lot of airplane crashing dreams-especially in the 1980s. A therapist explained it to me that sometimes (not all the time of course-remember Tommy Booth and the Chicago O hare DC-10 that crashed in 79?) but sometimes having constant dreams of airplane crashes, car wrecks and the like means that "you" yourself -as I was in the 80s (altho as I said I loved that decade:) are out of control and afraid of crashing. This explanation was probably correct in my case. It was in 1988 a therapist warned me about my drinking and the "out of control" aspect and said I would come to regret it. Well of course I mostly thought (stupidly) i can handle my booze. Well whaddya know?? haha-altho a sad haha-by 1993 I was in a relationship and the two of us could polish off one of those 1.75 liter (big) bottles of vodka in 2 days!! I am so glad those days are over!! sorry I got a bit off topic-great post as always and I am writing down that web addy for the test-and best to you as always!!

  4. Devin;
    You're always a breath of fresh air. I love when people are real about stuff. Yeah, I can see that in your case the plane crash dreams, they worked as a way of telling you that you basically weren't in the driver's seat and at the fate of something else (the bottle flying the plane perhaps?) I used to have tornado chasing me dreams when I felt threatened and I have the teeth falling out ones when I lose something precious, like a loved one, that is irreplaceable--like permanent teeth can't be put back in. I used to document my disaster dreams and the subsequent crash from the paper to compare to the notes and they were so accurate that it made me sick to my stomach, so I quit taking notes. My son recently began them too at the same age I had them--with as much accuracy. Weird thing-interesting too that they come in sleep state when the conscious won't filter it... Psychically, you might be likened to the dog in my last post about taking dogs on ghost hunts. Your instincts for other people is what keeps you on the right road. It helps keep you even kilter. It's a talent more people should have (especially females) as far as knowing who to trust and who not to. That's an empathic ability that's worth studying some more about. I'd be curious how you do on the test online. I think you're very much like me and intellectually overstimulated, so it might help you to learn how to let your hand decide without any thought allowed, as fast as possible, looking as little at the pictures as you can. It's the only way I can close off the conscious to do it. It's a constant struggle between my blasted IQ and my intuitive side. They fight back and forth all the time. But, there are times when you sense someone's not to be trusted that might have nothing to do with what you consciously observed and everything to do with what your autonomic system noted. That's when you know you're in your psychic empathic groove. That term "I just felt it in my gut" is really accurate.