Saturday, August 15, 2009

Interdimensional Portals - What Are We Talking About Here?

At the time I took this picture (above), I had several years’ worth of photos that were similar stages of pink/blue/green lights in this one place in a cemetery. When this shot came across, I told myself it had to somehow be the lens because it’s round shaped. The other ones I had captured were hazes and literal arching rainbows from blue to pink colors. This one was so beautiful, I simply called the photo “portal.” But, it did make me start wondering why it only happened in this one spot and happened every single time I went there to photograph, changing in colors and features, but always showing something remarkable there. I tried EMF and temperature readings—nothing changed. I raced over and had a friend continue shooting it until it disappeared. Still, I found nothing but a strange sensation of the right side of my body getting goosebumps but not the left, a feeling of static electricity, and a slight smell of ozone. It did get me wondering about the concept of portals.

Whether you call them “Stargates,” “portals,” “vortexes,” or “wormholes,” the concept of interdimensional portals is a fantastic notion. According to Wikipedia these are described as usually consisting “of two or more gateways, with an object entering one gateway leaving via the other instantaneously. An advantage of portal technology over a faster-than-light drive is that it can be imagined to work instantly, and optionally to travel to the past or future, or to alternate universes.”

I’d be curious to see which of these explanations you tend to believe (assuming portals exist):

1. Time travel, giving us sense of déjà vu occasionally and sightings of futuristic "UFO" technology (our own future techonology), perhaps “alien” encounters(a possible future man on the evolutionary scale), and abduction for DNA.

2. Interplanetary travel, giving us UFO phenomenon and perhaps knowledge to the ancients for building pyramids and worshiping the stars, leaving behind crop circle messages.

3. Interdimensional travel giving us creatures from other dimensions such as Bigfoot, Mothman, Chupacbra, shadowpeople, and more.

If you're still interested in the concept, try these movies:

Contact (Jodie Foster’s character travels through space using a wormhole)

Phantasm (Dead people are shrunk down and sent through a portal to be slaves on another planet)

Stargate (An ancient “machine” is reconstructed and used to enter other worlds)

The Time Machine (H.G. Wells fantastic story of a man building a time machine)

The Mist (Perhaps the creepiest concept and most realistic of the government opening a portal and creatures coming through)


  1. oh, is that "the mist", the stephen king story?? i didnt see the movie, but i LOVED that story back in the early 80's!! because the store they described was exactly the store i was the produce manager of then!

  2. Libby;
    Yup. The movie was pretty good. I usually find Stephen King to not transfer to movies well, but it was pretty cool. Great commentary on who's the real enemy. Great ending! I used to kid that if we had a zombie attack I'd hide in a mall that had a grocery anchor store. I like to think that movie kind of acted it out. Reminded me a bit of the show "Jericho."

  3. no, the shawshank redemption was the first time the movie matched my mental vision of the book...and "it" was pretty good too, i thought!

  4. Yeah, some books and movies mate up good, but it's rare. The only time I remember the book being worse than the movie was "Sleeping With the Enemy."

  5. hi....when i was searching for all of my spellbooks i came across a book you might be interested in. if you want it i will just send it to you. i have no idea where i got it and looks as though it was a library book but i don't recognize the library. perhaps you have it or maybe not. the title is: Science and the Supernatural by Aaron E. Klein if would would like to have it just send your address to my email: and i will mail it right out!

  6. The greatest thing about interdimensional portals is that scientific theory supports them. That makes them within the realm of possibility, so why shouldn't they form when conditions are right?

    Here is a thought though...For some of the things that come out of these portals, could their continued existence in our world be tied to these portals? Perhaps the reason we never find these beings when looking for them is because they vanish when the portal does...or perhaps go out of sync with normal reality? Phasing in and out with the portal if you would.