Ghost Broth: Geomagnetic Activity

I'm considering the concept that the basic stock for a ghost stew is geomagnetic activity. Toss in some good geology, a tragic history, some extreme emotions, and some human receivers, and you get a hearty mix ideal for ghostly action.

When I kept a log in ghost hunting and found that active and promising nights always coincided with activity in the geomagnetic fields of the Earth, I was excited. I wasn’t sure at the time where this finding might take me, but being a person who loves to put together theories, I had to explore.

I came across this blurb on New Scientist and it interested me a lot:

“The most plausible explanation for the association between geomagnetic activity and depression and suicide is that geomagnetic storms can desynchronise circadian rhythms and melatonin production," says Kelly Posner, a psychiatrist at Columbia University in the US. The pineal gland, which regulates circadian rhythm and melatonin production, is sensitive to magnetic fields. "The circadian regulatory system depends upon repeated environmental cues to [synchronise] internal clocks," says Posner. "Magnetic fields may be one of these environmental cues." Geomagnetic storms could disrupt body clocks, precipitating seasonal affective disorder and therefore increase suicide risk, Kelly Posner, a psychiatrist at Columbia University told New Scientist.”

That being said, is it possible that geomagnetic activity makes for more release of paranormal events? Or does it make humans better able to detect them? Or perhaps makes them more likely to perceive them because of disruption in the pineal gland (that wonderful place in the brain that is responsible for your dream state)?

This made me want to look at the pineal gland. If, as this psychiatrist (above) has reported, the pineal gland is affected by geomagnetic activity, then our dream state should be affected by such changes. As someone who has suffered from sleep paralysis and night terrors upon rare occasion, I wondered if it meant they occurred on nights of geomagnetic activity. The only problem is, they happen so rarely, I have no records of them. Sure enough, I found a study that showed a person who had kept a log and there were definitely strong correlations In fact, upon further investigating, some authorities state that sleep paralysis occurs with geomagnetic activity.

Interestingly, this article reports “recent studies have shown that reports of Sleep Paralysis, and Sleep Paralysis legends are more common in geographical hotspots such as Mexico City and all through-out the Pacific Ring of Fire, even the Hawaiian Islands are crawling with legends of Choking Ghosts. What most of these Sleep Paralysis hot spots have in common is geophysical activity, volcanoes, fault lines and the like. Evidence is becoming more and more convincing that Sleep Paralysis and some other paranormal activity seems to coincide with the geophysical conditions of an area.”

In fact, in a prior post I wrote about sleep paralysis, the findings amongst Mexican children was that 90% of them had experienced sleep paralysis at one time or another. That’s exceedingly high. Admittedly, I never had it until I moved to California (active tectonics). What I’ve found in geology and hauntings makes me wonder too if geomagnetic effects create more activity where the geology is ripe and receptive, releasing bursts of phenoemon.

When we spend a bad night on a ghost hunt are we actually just fighting the lack of geomagnetic activity? Should we consider a ghost hunt on a solar flare day in California instead of a quiet day in Iowa? Do we create better works of art and writing when there’s geomagnetic activity or does it upset the mind so much we fall into a funk? Are some people so very easily affected by it that they can produce hallucinations (dream images) from the pineal gland’s secretions when awake? If a person can have SAD (seasonal affective disorder), why then can’t they have GMAD (geomagnetic activity disorder)?

Sometimes, it feels as if everything in nature is right there, waving its arms, trying to get our attention but we’re lousy at finding connections. What if mental illnesses are exacerbated or even caused by hypersensitive people? What if people who tend to encounter the unknown more often such as seeing ghosts are more affected by geomagnetic activity? Is the term “it’s all in our minds” an accurate one?

If scientists were able to observe geomagnetic activity and activity of the pineal gland closely on test subjects, might they find the thing that binds us all? That being earthlings we simply are tuned to our own earth’s rhythms and affected by its energy within our own bodies? Could this usher a new era of treatment and curatives? Could this prove that man has more than just five senses that help him to make split second decisions? Like birds can visualize earth's geomagnetic forces to help guide them on their journeys, could man feel geomagnetic forces?

Hey, I usually try to stimulate your mind mid week, but I thought I’d just smack you with it on a Monday.


  1. I believe that nature's activities do have some effect on me. The past few nights I had the strangest dreams and need to start logging them. Glad you brought up sleep paralysis. I only had one experience with that for which I can recall but know of people that suffer with that much more often. It makes sense that the geomagnetic activity would have a big effect on that. Very nice post as always.

  2. Fasinating post! I'm one of those people who gets a headache right before a thunderstrom. My youngest has had night terrors. They are better now but for a few months it was bad. I'm wondering if the geo. activity could also contributed. It just goes to show you how interconnected we are to our mother earth and all that surrounds us.

  3. Julie;
    Yeah, I've been having them the last few nights too. We're having a G2 storm so that's why the dreams. I'm glad you noticed that. I hope to keep everyone wondering when they have strange night's sleep or strange dreams to check out the conditions. I usually just clock into here:
    They keep the info in a window there along with the moon cycles and such.

    My son had night terrors too. I did notice them more often if he went to bed too late or was overly tired. I also had them as a kid. They do grow out of them usually, but I still get one about every 1-2 years. He later moved on to sleep paralysis and now the plane crash premonition dreams, so he's following the same path I did at the same age. I think that says he's affected by it, as well. As strange as it seems, when there's a geomagnetic storm (like right now), I have dreams where I've obtained everything I ever dreamed of and feel fantastic and confident and happy and blissful and then I wake up and feel charged to get lots done and I get a ton of productivity during that time, so the effects on me seem to be mind/body/spirit stimulating.

  4. Great article as Always Autumnforest-this one had tons of new info (to me anyway) I think its extremely fascinating about the "Choking Ghosts" and the geomagnetic area -there is a lot from childhood I have probably forgotten-but I would almost bet my life i didn't have my first sleep paralysis dream (the one you remember that scares the hell out of you!!) until I was in my 30s-and I think this is unusual-but maybe its explained by sheer geography -i havent been having any unusual dreams lately-altho I have the feeling I am having them-but due to insomnia -the few hours I do sleep I am not remembering them-Ive got to try lucid dream excercises again -even the beginner ones would probably help-best as always and fantastic article!! O I also agree with and like the info about SAD and GMAD-that sounds perfectly reasonable to me -and I wonder if GMAD would affect people equally-or hit the more psychic/sensitive ones worst? thanks again!!

  5. Devin;
    I'd take a wild guess that on a geomagnetically active day, a GMAD person would probably have better psychic skills. I think I might just test that one. When you lived in Colorado, that might have been more likely to be active for you sleep/GMAD-wise, as it's a more geologically exciting area than The Greater Phoenix area.

  6. I think that we are affected by the Earth's geomagnetic energy as well as energy from the Sun.

    Lately it seems that I haven't been able to remember my dreams very well (at least not as well as I'd like to). I'm starting to think that I may not be sleeping as deeply as I once did, and as a result I have trouble differentiating between my dreams and what my conscious mind is thinking...I tend to have a very active mind anyways, so I think my dreams and my conscious thoughts are starting to blur together as I'm waking up. In other words, it seems like my subconscious dreams and conscious "daydreams" are blurring together, and as a result, I have a hard time remembering what I actually dreamed about when I was asleep.

    I've written my dreams down before, but I haven't done it in a long time. I'd like to start doing it again, but I don't seem to remember much upon waking up.

    It's funny though...some dreams you seem to forget about shortly after you wake up, yet there are some dreams that you never forget about. I can still remember some dreams from years ago that weren't even recurring dreams...just a single dreams that I've never forgotten.

  7. Great post, very interesting to consider. Some definately believe that geomagnetic activity can have impact on us. Check out - "geovita" - this is medication that is prescribed by Naturopathic Doctors when a patient's bed sits on a geo-pathic stress zone. See -

  8. great post; lots of interesting information.
    i've suffered with night terrors for a long time, although i haven't had one in few years, thank goodness.
    i've lived in southern california all my life, except for one year, I lived in Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico. I am of Mexican decent on my mother's side.
    I always just thought that I had those night terrors because I slept on my back. When I became aware of this state, I was always on my back. I always felt extreme panic, couldn't move a muscle, not even my pinky finger and the more I tried to fight it, which is a most natural reaction, the more diffifult it was to "wake up". I learned that I had to try to relax to try to "push" myself out of the state. When I was finally able to "wake-up", I had to physically get up out of bed and completely wake up before I went back to bed to not exeperience it again. If I tried to go back to sleep, right after "pushing" myself out of the night terror, I would go right back to that terrifying state, that was so difficult to get out of. Hope this makes sense.

  9. Jeff;
    Yup, you might want to note the geomagnetic activity on those days when you've been having strange dreams. Everyone has a different reaction to them. I think that my plane disaster dreams more often happen when there's a combination of the upcoming event and GMA going on. I don't doubt that even the pull of the moon creating tides in our waters also exerts pressures on us we aren't aware of. This stuff is intriguing to me. I wonder if there is a higher rate of psychic folks in geologically active/rich areas during GMD activity? So many questions!

    I like that idea--I'll check into the ingredients of the stuff. It's an interesting concept. As someone who enjoys fiddling around with Feng Shui, I can say that my bed faces east and I don't think that's good for falling asleep, but better for staying asleep. My neighbors how have the same layout, have their bed facing west and they fall asleep fast, but don't stay asleep. Interesting...

    Yeah, the night terrors for me can happen in any position, I scream and yell and thrash around and can't be awakened, but I do manage to wake myself with my screams and pounding heart. The sleep paralysis, however, is always on the back. You've lived your entire life in very tectonically active areas. I'd be interested if tectonic activity and geomagnetic activity work together to create such nights.

  10. There are so many people out there(not psychics) that can tell when an earthquake is about to happen that i am convienced that these are all connected and linked.

  11. Georgina;
    You're right. Humans may be distracted by mass media and noise and multi-tasking, but we still have internal registers that let us know--something isn't right. That's why my body is my favorite ghost hunting equipment.

  12. oh, i've got my terms confused. my experience has been with sleep paralysis NOT night terrors. sorry

    now my brother is the one that had night terrors. what a pair we are?

  13. Sandra;
    You're so funny! Yeah, I can picture it now. You're staring in horror at him while he's thrashing around. Personally, I think they're equally horrifying. Not being able to move when you will yourself to is terrifying and night terrors having your heart beating 180 beats a minute easily and a sense of raw terror that you can't experience in the mortal state. I think I'd rather have a terror though because I wake myself up and then turn over and go back to sleep without memory of what upset me. When I have paralysis, I remember whatever horrible thing I saw and was unable to act upon. Chilling.

  14. First off, what an awesome title. Second, I really dig your hypothesis that there probbly really is something to "it's all in our minds..."


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