Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flying Humanoids #2

The flying humanoids subject was so interesting and unsettling that I decided to work on a second entry about it. I have a very logical mind, so when looking at such a strange phenomenon, I have to ask some basic questions:

Where is this happening?

It appears that it’s been seen as far away as the upper Midwest, but mostly it’s seen in the SW US and Mexico. When you put it down to a region, I can begin to at least consider some factors that might be at work. Of course, when I think of the SW and Mexico, I think of border issues. The most likely choice would be a drone of some kind. The only other commonalities I see for this region of the country are the obvious ones: Area 51 (Phoenix lights, Mexico UFO sightings, tons of weird stuff in the sky continuously). The other commonality is the link between the geology/Native American history that seems to produce some pretty weird places and some of the strange things apparently documented in ancient drawings. Could it be some phenomenon that occurs before an earthquake and of earthly explanation? If we’re talking about something such as Skinwalker Ranch in Utah had seen and it’s a portal for weird things to come in and out of the sky, then I would expect to see it associated with a strange light as was seen there and also to be short-lived, as the events at the ranch seemed to have a finite time period to occur.

How is it moving?

It doesn’t seem to be very practical or graceful method for getting around. No wing flapping, no propeller, no sound of engines. It does seem to move purposefully on a rather straight line, but then it also seems as if it twists and turns on itself, which doesn’t make for a very stable method of transport. Should we be talking about a witch or creature, it would have to use some kind of mechanical motion to propel itself. If we’re talking about something man-made, there are many possibilities, as we have all seen jet pack flights (although those have sound). When you look at it that way, it appears that a group of balloons would fit the description or perhaps a piece of black trash bag plastic twisting and floating in the air. Anything that has to fly that stable but manages to twist and bend tells me that the wind is affecting it.

What other things could it be?

One explanation given on “Monsterquest: Terror From the Sky” (reshowing at 2 pm on Saturday August 8th on the History Channel) is a string line with a bucket from hill to hill to carry mining scraps or whatever. It might explain one sighting, but not other ones in other areas. One man speculated balloons tied together and that’s usually my favorite explanation for things floating without sound in the sky, but then after attempting it, he had a great deal of difficulty getting the straight-lined edges of the human shape and the balloons receded into the sky whereas this object seems to fly horizontally and not vertically. Helicopter? Not one anyone’s ever seen before and without sound or propellers. Some people are saying it is a bruja (witch) because of a supposed black shroud it wears. Others believe it is a dragon, but where are the wings? Perhaps it might be an insect close to the lens of the camera hovering around, attracted by scent of humans or light reflecting from the lens. The only issue I have with this one is that people are seeing it in the sky and filming it too. If we want to consider something caught in the wind that perhaps is going at a level that carries it pretty straight instead of upward, a black trash bag might be the best explanation for the lack of sound, straight appendage-like edges, and twisting motions, but it would take an ideal wind.

Why human shape?

You know how you see something and it just doesn’t make logical sense, like running into your great aunt in a strip club? Something’s just wrong with this picture. The fact that it does have the appearance of being humanoid doesn’t mean it is. A tree has limbs and a trunk, but we don’t call it humanoid. I try very hard to disregard the strangely human shape of it. As humans we can’t help but want to find shape in things from clouds to orbs on photographs. Disregarding what appear to be limb-like appendages, what else could it be? Well, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of movement of arms and legs while in flight and we have yet to see it land and walk, so that’s up for grabs. Every time I see one of these dozens and dozens of films, I keep being struck by the sense that I’m seeing something occurring on the ground and somehow projected into the sky. It’s like when you were a kid and you could take that magnetic paper doll and stick her on the fridge. She’s just floating there, but doesn’t belong… That's so contrary to nature, it makes me think it's very much not from nature.


This one haunts me the most. If we’re talking about something natural such as balloons or something floating in the wind, the very purposeful movement of it is unsettling and the fact it’s not being seen in other states that have balloons and trash. Okay, move on to the next one—if we’re talking about something in nature like a creature we didn’t know existed, why is it showing up now in broad daylight flying without any mechanics about it? Even hummingbirds have wings. Unless this thing is extremely thin without weight, it’s not floating in the sky on its own, therefore probably not something from nature with meaningful flight. If it’s something alien or secretive, why again is it out in the daylight? If you go online, there are dozens and dozens of films of this phenomenon. If it didn’t have something to hide, it would interact. If it had something to hide, it wouldn’t self propel in the open without protection, it would wait until dark.
My guess at the moment?

I’d probably be more inclined to believe this is something completely explainable such as floating trash or a drone. I don’t see any reason why something would move so brazenly across the sky without means of propelling itself such as wings or motor. Still, the films are eerie to watch, as I can imagine if I saw something like that in the sky, I might be wondering too. The typical family-owned camcorder, however, is not going to get a zoom quality that’s worth all that much, so what we’re seeing when they zoom in on it could be very misrepresentative of its actual form. For now, I’ll put myself on the side of the skeptic because as a ghost hunter, I know how very rare capturing phenomenon is and finding it for that long of a period of time and filming it and so many people seeing it makes me question if it’s paranormal.

Conclusions anyone?


  1. I do not have a theory unfortunately but i like to think is a witch with a very cool power!
    Thank you for your comment. It helped.

  2. got no idea makes me think of the little 'maple tree helicopters' that always used to land in my hair when i was little...but those had a moving part...or, well, maybe illegal aliens riding balloons or jetpacks across the border? since it takes place in that area?

  3. Georgina;
    Glad to make you smile, you always make me smile too. Yeah, I like the witch concept. She would certainly be gloating for everyone to see. One policeman said she landed on his car and he crashed and he was able to see her looking in the windshield with a black cloak covering her head and staring him down. Scary.

    I was thinking the same thing about those little "helicopters" and other things that float off trees and such. Of course, these ones the people are filming are pretty high up in the air--they have to zoom on them to get any detail. I even thought of illegals using jet packs too but heck, they're lucky if they can get a car that runs and with border patrols on them, they'd be stupid to do it that way. I have to admit, now that you mention it--border patrols who have to study that area closely should have surely seen this many times....

  4. maybe it's the border patrol looking for illegal aliens ;)

  5. You got food poisoning during Lammas? You poor thing! That sucks! It is frustating when plans do not come through, but always a reminder that control is not important. It does n;t matter that you celebrated a day later, the celebrations used to last a month.
    So, someone saw a witch jumping from the sky? That is so cool... and scary but mostly cool!

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  7. I finally watched the MonsterQuest show on "Flying Humanoids". It was fascinating to see the videos and hear the strange stories. I don't know what to make of it yet but hope someone gets a very good picture or video of whatever it is. Science won't support the "flying humanoids" theory until they get better proof. I also didn't think it looked like a cluster of baloons. The little monkey-alien like creature was cool. They couldn't really say what it was either. I did enjoy the show.

  8. I have to admit that it's one of those subjects that just strikes people as being too freaky. I mean, it does look like a person, but it's just kind floating around in the sky upright. What's with that? I think it's that very juxtaposition that makes us go "wow!"