Monday, August 10, 2009

Edgar Cayce: Where Did His Information Come From?

Everyone has certain people that impressed him or her from a young age. Maybe it’s Abe Lincoln, your Great Aunt who was still mobile at 100 years of age, or perhaps your minister. For me, people of interest likely didn’t let being ahead of their times or not fitting in with the local mentality keep them from being who they were; genuinely ahead of the curve. They let their ego's drop long enough to access unfiltered information and then used it judiciously.

Edgar Cayce was one of those people for me.

Of course, he was gone long before my time, but his name was often said with a murmured hush as if it were a naughty name or a name held in high reverence. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized it was the latter and not the former. So, my titillation for Edgar Cayce went from thinking him a forbidden bad boy to a prophet beyond compare.

The biggest lingering question I have is “where’d he get this information?”

This simple man was born in Kentucky in 1877, and passed away in Virginia in 1945, living during a time period before the “new age” ideals. Some say this prophet and healer, who was also a devout Christian, was accessing information from Akashic records (see my earlier post for more info on this), and others say he was psychic and channeling information from “the other side,” perhaps from a wise spirit guide, yet others believe he had a direct line to God.

Most have come to the conclusion that his ability to access information began with a blow to the back of the head as an adolescent.

For some background, we’ll look to the Edgar Cayce Organization and their description; “Edgar Cayce demonstrated the uncanny ability to put himself into some kind of self-induced sleep state by lying down on a couch, closing his eyes, and folding his hands over his stomach. This state of relaxation and meditation enabled him to place his mind in contact with all time and space. From this state he could respond to questions as diverse as, "What are the secrets of the universe?" to "How can I remove a wart?" His responses to these questions came to be called "readings" and contain insights so valuable that even to this day individuals have found practical help for everything from maintaining a well-balanced diet and improving human relationships to overcoming life-threatening illnesses and experiencing a closer walk with God.”

Although not educated in medicine, this man was able to diagnose and prescribe treatments to patients who came to him seeking readings. He also made an enormous amount of predictions about our world that have become uncannily accurate over time such as the stock market crash, the first and second World Wars, the Holocaust, and he event predicted our changing earth poles around the year 2000. He believed in reincarnation, as well as Atlantis.

He predicted for us many earth changes that are significant. He also predicted we would come across hidden stored information exposed in Egypt (beneath the paws of the Sphinx in a chamber), Bimini, and Yucatan, but this will not be found until we reach the appropriate level of consciousness.

Let’s look at him within the context of his life and times. This was a man who didn’t take well to books, who was brought up in a very devout Christian home, in a time period of great conservatism, with no spiritualists at his beck and call. The very last thing a person of simple mind, simple means, and simple needs would desire is to be thrust forward into a world of medicine and predictions, neither of which he had any personal knowledge of.

This brings us back to the context in which he began his readings, the blow to the head. Should this be an injury resulting in epilepsy from the visual cortex in the back of the head where he was hit, it would certainly be an interesting brand, as he could induce his meditative state at will and epilepsy, quite obviously, is not a controlled event. From descriptions of his meditative state, it would appear he was accessing the theta mind state which is also associated with remote viewing. Had he used this technique but was able to drift through time instead of places on earth? Why would a blow to the head necessarily bless him with a direct line to God? Hmm...

I’d very much like to hear your take on Edgar Cayce and where you think he was getting his information.


  1. That's a thought-provoking post!

    I wonder if we all have a potential access to such information, but most of us aren't able to obtain it.

    Also I wonder if there are non-human entities (Seth, Ramtha ect.) that channel information through certain people.

  2. Brownie;
    Yup, that's the age-old question. I would have to say, as a logical Virgo-type, that the blow to the head might have made him more able to utilize the brain's functions than the rest of us. Perhaps something akin to Einstein's use of his brain in mathematics. If he were using his brain's potential to tap into such information, I'd probably say he had a direct line to it rather than through a "host" simply because the blow to the head would change the mechanics of his brain but not necessarily call forth new entities. Until another Cayce comes along, we'll probably never really understand it, as for his time period, he had no way to really describe to us if it was theta state of mind or what...

    1. First Ed Claimed to read his bible once a year !!
      A blow to the back of the head would do more harm than good. There is no Bible scripture support saying a blow to any part of the body will do good. This is a Satanic believe from Satin. Read Ephesians Chapter 6 Put on the whole Armor of God to understand
      Any medical doctor today will agree. IF you read in your Bible 1 Corinthians chapter 12: in verse 7 explains about the spiritual gifts. keep reading there are nine gifts. Prophesy & Healing are two of them. OK "but" the thing that questions me is about his reincarnation that is out of Bible scripture. Unless he miss spoken of the rapture explained in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Now A Prophet is never wrong. A Psychic is wrong most of the time. Psychic Practice is condemned in the Bible Prophet vs Psychic ?? But then reincarnation !!! how could a Prophet believe in reincarnation and get it right all the time ??
      When Reincarnation is condemned in the Bible ?? Any answers ?

  3. I think it's quite possible that the blow to Cayce's head when he was younger activated previously dormant "receptors" that we may all have. That also means that odds are we can probably activate them in safer ways then blunt force trauma, we just need to find out how.

  4. Naveed;
    So no blow upside the head to the youth, huh? Oh well. I agree. I think we're talking about something mechanical of the brain and we can see what the brain is possible of when someone has a seizure or schizo hallucinations. Researchers are finally catching on that the brain cannot be contained by the skull--it is boundless in its experience, such as in remote viewing and psychic readings. Just because you carry air in a jar doesn't mean that there is only air in the jar... Does that make sense?

  5. in mathews jesus say we can do all these wonders that he did and more, if we first believe. faith. as far as reincarnation, all things are possible when it comes to god. We are here to try and get to that spiritual zeal in which jesus spoke of, that state of conciousnes that edga casey spoke of.

  6. All good things come from G-d.Test the spirit. Did this source tell him to do evil things.