Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Dead Body Climbed on Top of Me

This popular expression (title above) is used amongst Mexican teenagers who appear to have sleep paralysis an extraordinary high rate. One study done of three high schools showed that 92.5% of the children had experienced this.

The study showed these findings: In the vast majority of the cases, the students said they can't move (85.5%); there was an inability to speak in 72.6% of the events; chest oppression was felt 43.5% of the time; and there was a sense of a presence in 46.8% of cases. Hallucinations were also common: visual hallucinations were reported in 29% of the events, audible hallucinations in 24.2%, and tactile hallucinations in 12.9%.

I find this very interesting that such an enormous majority of youth have experienced sleep paralysis. In my recent studies for the post I just did on the subject a few days ago, it came to my attention that reports of alien abductions and sleep paralysis marry each other well. However, upon realizing that a place such as Mexico, which has an enormous amount of UFO reportings and flying humanoids, has such a high incidence of sleep paralysis, I had to wonder.

In the theory department my brain gets spinning and I wonder. If I were an alien visiting the earth and wanting for whatever reasons of curiosity or genetics to abduct people, why not take advantage of their sleep state? During sleep, the brain is already creating hallucinations and paralysis and we know that pineal gland that controls it is affected by geomagnetics. Why not enhance what’s already at use at a time when people will write it off as sleep issues? When you can manipulate deeper sleep in other occupants of the house? When everyone else will tell them it was just sleep dysfunction and not abduction? When someone won’t be missing because they should be in bed?

Just my perplexing thought of the day…


  1. This is a thought-provoking article as always Autumnforest! it definitely makes sense to me for all sorts of shenanigans (hopefully as many as good as evil-but somehow I get the impression of many more reports of evil or "wrongness" when people are in this state. I didn't have my first (remembered anyway) incident of sleep paralysis until I was almost 35-and I found it terrifying -even moreso than the literature describes which is bad enough! For vengeful ghost it is very hard to pick between the two main evil men so far -I pray we never get anyone to challenge their titleholding! Of Hitler and Stalin I did pick Stalin. My reason was a little circumstantial -when Hitler killed himself I think he was "done" as in put a fork (hopefully pitchfork in his case!) with the world-in his view the German people had failed him and there was nothing more worth fighting about-at least that is the sense I get from what i have read about the "last days" in the bunker. I was far off base compared to most picking Stalin-the major reason being that if demons are made after living in human form sometimes-I don't think Stalin was as "done" with the world as Hitler was. Supposedly-right before Stalin passed into whatever horrific realm (you would think anyway) before those in the room with him including his daughter Svetlana-he made a motion with his arm that one of the onlookers described something very close to "as if he was putting a curse on all of Russia" words very much like that anyway. I will put a link about the "curse" and who put it that way if I can find it-interesting poll question too! and you are not going to believe this word veri -especially in regards to poll question-mordying -now I would call that a synch:)!best to you as always!!

  2. Stalin

    Autumn-there isn't much in what hopefully will be a link -but it does mention Svetlana and the "curse" scroll more than halfway down and its in section about his death and after photos of books "ABC of Communism" and "Marxism and Politics" -I was hoping for more-the time I read about Stalin and his curse it was much more "scary" and descriptive-thanks again for your hard work and have a great week!!

  3. You have a very good point Autumnforest. If the aliens have the ability to manipulate our sleep patterns, then it makes sense for them to use it to their advantage. Plus it's rather scary since if they can do that, there is no limit to what they can do and how many people they can abduct.

  4. Devin;
    Thanks for the info--that's really interesting. I think you should make that into a post.

    Yeah, when I keep my mind open about the possibility of abductions, it makes me wonder if we can go a step further and assume that aliens genetically designed humans for this planet and as "insurance" they gave us the pineal gland and perhaps even the temporal lobe (the feeling of a greater being) for their own purposes... Creepy, huh?

  5. My daughter's friend and her sister suffer from 'sleep paralysis'. I did a blog about it. They always felt an evil spirit was attacking them. I like your comparison between that and alien abductions. You have an interesting way of looking at things that I enjoy reading about.

  6. I suffered with this sleep paralysis and it is terrifying, but I never associated it with aliens.
    I always thought it was the position I was sleeping in, on my back, that caused this problem.
    Once I "pushed" myself out of this state, I had to get out of bed and walk around to completely wake up before I could go back to sleep and not go back to this state.