Thursday, August 6, 2009

Check Your Dreams Tonight

Just curiosity and a bit of study on geomagnetic effects on the sleep state. Geomagnetic fields are unsettled right now, just wondering if last night or tonight folks have strange sleep states. On a lighter note, if you have a place that looks geologically and structurally good for a haunting, this might be a good night to do a ghost study.


  1. Will do so Autumnforest! I would give anything just to dream more or be able to remember them more! hopefully I will tonight-best to you as always!!

  2. OMG, the past two nights I have had the weirdess dreams. I can't recall them now but I know they didn't make a lick of sense, now I know why. I should write them down, they may make for a good blog.

  3. Devin;
    Yeah, the remembering dreams thing is a hard one. I once had a series of dreams from which I awakened speaking another language very easily and fluently. I thought at first it was French, but later heard Saami radio from Lapland and I was like "that's exactly the language." My grandmother was from Lapland but she died long before I was born. It intrigued me to be sure. To remember dreams, you need to wake up in REM usually, so the key is setting your alarm for a bit earlier than you usually get up. One time, my friend kept a dream log and she had her alarm clock go off every 90 minutes all night long. She kept an amazing diary of them.

    Yes, I really think there's something to this geomagnetic activity and our brains. After all, our pineal glands, responsible for the dreamstate hallucinations could be affected by these changes. Since I've found a direct correlation between better ghostly activity on geomagnetically active nights, there's no reason why it shouldn't be felt by humans too. Here's a super article on it:

  4. Yikes! If they're weirder than the ones I've been having the past couple of weeks, maybe I shouldn't go to sleep!

  5. Wow! That makes a lot of sense, I have been having the strangest dreams the past few days.

  6. Don't be surprised if you still feel a few weird ones tonight, as there is still some geomagnetic activity (semi-quiet, settling down). I bookmarked a site that has the stat's every day and it helps: