Saturday, August 8, 2009

Akashic Records: Everywhere, Everything

Wikipedia explains this common term best as “a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. These records are described to contain all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. They are metaphorically described as a library and other analogues commonly found in discourse on the subject include a "universal computer" and the "Mind of God.”

Amazingly, although I’ve practiced psychic abilities since a very early age, I didn’t know much about the psychic world. I didn’t study up on anything psychic, other than to admire Edgar Cayce’s abilities, but with little knowledge of the examples of his work. I didn’t know popular terms for what I was able to do until I described it to psychic in a hushed voice of embarrassment with which she responded, “oh, that’s psychometry.” Suddenly, it had a name. It existed for others. I thought it was ridiculous to describe to someone that I could hold an object and it would contain memories. I certainly didn’t hear others talking about the talent. Thankfully, I’ve come a long way since my blushing ignorance. In my studies of the psychic world, I came across the term “Akashic records” many times and this intrigued me. So, as I do with all curious information, I chased its trail like a bloodhound.

You know how everyone knows about gravity? You drop something, it falls to the ground inevitably. You don’t think to ask folks, “hey, did you ever notice if you drop something, it wants to go to the ground?” Well, when I first heard about the Akashic records, I felt the same way. It was something I had always known, an accepted truth. I hadn’t gone around asking people, “hey, did you know all the information that ever is or will be is contained somewhere?”

Did Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce peruse these vaults of knowledge and if so, how? We know the capacity of the mind to perform remote viewings when in the theta state, to have hallucinations in the sleep state, and I certainly know of the mind’s ability to read objects and information from a source that to me I describe as “Akashic records,” for lack of better explanation. When I do a reading, I’m gathering knowledge that is familiar to me, as if it was always there, I’m just finally looking at it. Kind of like owning a book and finally flipping through the pages. The book was always on the shelf, it just hadn’t been referred to.

When some believe that accessing the records is a holy experience and one in which a person must prove himself worthy of the knowledge, I believe it’s floating out there, part of our universal DNA, part of me and you and every object, but the accessing part of it is what baffles many people. It’s like asking a colorblind person to please pick the blue dress—it’s a foreign concept to most. The best I can describe is that it involves letting yourself, your ego, your identity go and letting things float into your blank slate and fill you up with someone else's knowledge.

How one goes about this can vary. Many people say they can only access the Akashic records through deep meditation or prayer. Others, like myself, simply quite blocking the information. For the most part, humans protect themselves by psychic encroachment by putting up barriers to things we don’t want to see or hear or deal with right now—we have enough on our plate. When a psychic reading is done, those barriers come down and we simply “know” something. It is fact. It is already done, even if it’s something in the future. That’s how you know it’s a psychic enlightenment versus your make believe. It simply is, without good, bad, or judgment. You simply know. For a read to go well, it’s ideal if I don’t know someone because then nothing about my intellect gets in the way and I can open up and simply let their knowledge filter into me and it becomes my knowledge as if it’s my own memory.

Earlier concepts of the Akashic records being something like a library of knowledge, an ancient tome, or some other typically 3-dimensional concept is archaic. The knowledge is simply floating through us every day and we don’t often stop and gather it. A brilliant scientist, a clever inventor, or a man creating a new jingle for a commercial all my access it for one brief second to come up with a truly inspiring piece of work. Look at art, read a book, listen to music and see if you can find those who have been inspired by moments when their walls came down and Akashic knowledge was accessed.

I hope to follow this post up with one about Edgar Cayce, someone I’ve always admired.


  1. I love this subject. The Akashic Records is a pet peave of mine.

    I seem to sense that there is an all knowing thing going on but it's not in the singular. In other words, it's by touch or bumping into another.

    From what I've been shown, when one touches another, in a sense they become them for that moment and then learn what the other has learned. It's hard to define but that's what I sense.

    So in time, one would have learned much.

    Again, this also has to do with the geomagnetic field.

  2. I got off on a tangent when studying this, as I was studying geomagnetic fields, the pineal gland, and ghostly goings on, but then I got into the Akashic records and it's a subjective I've been afraid to approach, so for that reason, I had to! There's a theory I wrote about recently in a post about the holographic universe and it intrigues me to see the concept that any piece of the universe you study has the whole in it and I believe any part of the body you study has the whole of that body in it, so that makes organ sharing a truly interesting endeavor. I think it's all there, all in and out, all around, part of everything. Wiser civilizations probably tapped into it more readily because, hell, they weren't busy texting. But, moments of true brillance can be shown through people just letting it flow through them. It's like the "great realization" or the "aha!" moment. You're a very wise person, you probably flip through it's "pages" all the time.

  3. "Wiser civilizations probably tapped into it more readily because, hell, they weren't busy texting"

    There's a lot of truth to that. Like I said in Naveed's blog today (if you read it yet) (very controversial I am :) the people way back when had nothing to do but tell stories and 'think' so sure, they were the wiser.

    I had a 40+ page thread on the Akashic Record at the UFO Casebook. I left the UFO Casebook in August of 2007 and since then they have pruned hundreds and hundreds of pages. That's a pity, they should never ever prune but some forums do. Consequently, say goodbye to over 40 pages worth of forum members conversations on the Akashic Record.

  4. Eileen;
    Yeah, I did go to that Cayce site--very exciting stuff. I'm like a kid in a candy store. I have to admit, I've very rarely just opened myself up to the information for purposes of world matters, but I did a couple of times during the Bush administrations terrorist fears and it was really interesting. I've thought again about doing it and taking notes. I'm so used to journalling my psychic premonitions, that I might just seek a subject and study it that way and see what I come up with. Hmm... That might have to be another post.

  5. If there is a driving force behind some of your thoughts, you never know.

  6. this is neat...i've never heard this before!

  7. Greetings from Cape Town.
    Cool stuff.