Update On The Research

I'm in the long hard part of the research now, but I suspect I'll be done some time this week hopefully. Any of you who've been following my research know that I'm studying 50 haunted places around the country to find out what common physical traits they share and then to hopefully be able to come up with "haunted formula" that helps to decide just how haunted a place should be. Right now, I'm putting them in order and the formula has come down to this:

1. (Most important feature) A lengthy history of death/trauma/emotional upheavel.
2. (Second most important) The geological makeup of the land.
3. (Third most important) The actual construction materials in the building itself.

You're probably asking, what happened to the place being over 50 years (part of the original formula). This is really unnecessary, as #1 states that it needs a lengthy history. What about railroads? Even though the incidence of railroad tracks being nearby is high, I believe this to be an incidental finding. The fact is, older places were conveniently located near tracks when they were built and many tracks were built near townships, so this doesn't seem to correlate. I like to be really objective and honest about the findings and even though I had hopes for train tracks, it's just an interesting coincidence. What about waterways? I still have a feeling waterways are very important, especially as part of the geology, but I've found that the right types of geology for hauntings happen to contain active waterways and aquifers, so that takes care of that.

Why the certain order? I've tried to find good hard proof hunters have had of places where no death or trauma occurred and there really doesn't seem to be much in the way of weighty proof. I'm not talking about hearsay or class C EVPs or orb photos, I'm talking something a bit more meaty. It's not to say that such sites couldn't be haunted but when compared with ones that contain lesser geology and construction, the ones with trauma still win out, but ironically the ones with trauma histories are generally built quite ideal for hauntings to occur.

I've summized from all of these studies that what we're discussing here are residual hauntings or events recorded into an ideal setting with the ideal emotional conditions. Thus, emotional events are critical to the recorded history so far as humans intuitively being receptive to reading them.

So far as intelligent hauntings go (ones in which you can interact), I'm still skeptical of their existence yet, but should they occur, I seriously doubt they'd be site specific. If one believes in souls and spirits, they aren't tied to a place, confused about how to leave, or any other such rot. I think what we're talking about here is intelligent hauntings can occur anywhere, anytime. These are most often reported by family members after someone's passing and that certainly has more to do with the individual the spirit would want to contact than with a house or object he supposed loved. This might also explain the high incidence of phenomenon that is reported in graveyards where family members come to grieve and the assumption is that the spirit comes when drawn.

Of course, this site is really about ghost hunting theories, and I'm a logical person, so I can't help but find ways that don't defy commonsense when describing haunting occurrences and my own theories on hauntings based on what I've experienced and studied. Some time this week the list should be coming out (in order from most haunted to least of the 50 sites). I'll also describe the features of each site so you can see how they've come to be rated. Once you read the order and the features and the names of the places, I think it'll be evident to you, as it is to me, that this seems to be a very logical lineup.


  1. The research has been very interesting and I thank you for sticking with it. There is lots to these places that are known to be "haunted".

  2. Hey Julie;
    Yeah, it's like solving an interesting mystery. Trying to line up the characteristics of the site, the history, and the "proof" other hunters have obtained really shows some strong patterns. Of course, being logical, I also have to consider things like more popular haunted places have had more hunters so probably more proof. That's why I have to break it down and look for the more convincing proof and not just a bunch of orb shots. It's tedious, but well worth it. In fact, I hope to be able to apply this to other sites around the world to find the most haunted places and perhaps the commonalities they have.

  3. This has really been quite a journey. I have to agree with Julie here and say thank you for sticking with such interesting research.

    I did have a thought the other day concerning your research into railroads and I have to wonder if your initial theory was correct . . . that maybe they do play a role in residual hauntings. You said:

    "I've summized from all of these studies that what we're discussing here are residual hauntings or events recorded into an ideal setting with the ideal emotional conditions. Thus, emotional events are critical to the recorded history so far as humans intuitively being receptive to reading them."

    The general consensus seems to be that the apparitions involved in residual hauntings are some kind of recording of a past event. Since everything is made up of energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, the energy left behind by a person or a group of people during an emotional or traumatic event might be powerful enough to leave an impression on its environment. If this is true then it does seem possible that the right conditions might be just enough to induce a play back of that past event, like pressing the play button on the DVD player of real life. What if trains somehow play a role in this?

    I've seen big trains move pretty fast and, if they move fast enough, the whole ground in their vicinity shakes. If a site has the other right conditions (a lengthy history of death/trauma/emotional upheavel; the right geological makeup of the land; the right construction materials in the building itself) then couldn't the train shaking the ground on a regular basis be strong enough to release the energy contained in these other elements? As in, the train more or less shakes a haunting out of the site?

    This doesn't mean there has to be a train track near a site in order for a haunting to occur, but it might increase a site's chances of a haunting occurring or might make a haunting occur more regularly.

  4. Stephen;
    I always love when you comment. You're very perceptive. Since about 2/3 of the places had train tracks, I didn't think it was statistically significant, but in some cases things like being near a waterway/train track/cemetery do give a place a bit more boost on the scale if it's tied with another location for attributes. My original observation of train tracks made me wonder about the length of iron, the fact that trains generate a good deal of static electricity, or that it's the simple pathways connection--it seems this type of energy follows roadways/hallways and other natural pathways. Because these much older places were built near train tracks and train stations arrived in towns to transport people in those days, it would be the equivalent of me saying that because a home was near a major roadway it was haunted. I think the finding is incidental, but if anyone can find good examples of a place haunted that has only a train track as its attribute, then I'd be very impressed. It could contribute in some small way, as could things like weather and such. In fact, I hope to discuss when I give my findings this week--the concept of geomagnetic activity being the main activator for releasing these recorded events. It will take a whole lot of another research to prove intelligent hauntings which has really been my major goal as a ghost hunter. I have yet to see real proof of interaction that's totally convincing, though I've heard some EVPs that sounded promising, it's like the old eight-ball game, any answer can sound like the right answer... Keep watching. I really value your opinion.

  5. Autumnforest-you have been moving at light speed for awhile so dont worry about time frame!! I so agree with Julie's comment and Stephen's-and agree he is very perceptive -the intelligent hauntings are the ones that interest me-this has been a fantastic series among all the other information on your blog!! all the best to you!!

  6. Devin;
    You're always so supportive. I'm glad other people are interested in these things. I ask myself a lot of bigger questions, but the ghost one has nagged me a long time. I saw some amazing things growing up and even since then when I've gone on ghost hunts as an adult. I can intuitively sense commonalities and now I want a way to more objectively prove these correlations. I think everyone will be surprised when I give my findings because I'm going to propose another phase of the research to help me prove whether or not geomagnetic activity has something to do with the releasing of phenomenon in these places....

  7. Oooooo! Exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes out.


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