Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thank you, Aliens!

This bit of news hit the press recently and it had me wondering how long it'll be before people proclaim that reverse engineering of alien technology is slowly being leaked into our world by drips and drabs (so as not to look too obvious by having it all arrive at the same time).

Transparent aluminum! Apparently, scientists used a soft x-ray laser on aluminum to discover a new kind of matter that is transparent. The implications are truly amazing, and as a result in the future we can expect them to try this on different kinds of materials to see what other new kinds of matter we can discover.

Ain't science grand?

I used to say scientists should be treated like football players and rock stars and make money and get attention, but all that worthless partying would take away from lab time, so I say "let's keep them in cloaked nerddom, but just fund them really well."


  1. i like your idea...let them do what they love in peace & quiet...but respect them!

  2. No doubt to that Autumnforest-dont even get me started on how screwed up society's values are!! Interesting article as always-dont know how you do it -but I thank you very much for your hard work!! We need a "Nerd" or "Geek" day in this country-as without a lot of them we'd probably still be swinging from trees:) all the best to you!!

  3. i've always said teachers should be treated like hollywood stars.
    great stuff in this post and the Philadelphia Experiment; yes, thanks for your work. i loved the movie as well.

  4. Libby; Amen!
    Devin; Glad you liked it. I have a few interesting posts coming up as soon as I make sure everyone who did their remote viewing writes in then I'll get those loaded on for your enjoyment. I have to admit, being very fast and efficient at research and typing 100 wpm makes this pretty painless and fun.
    Teachers--yes! Oh my gosh! I'd put nurses on the list too just because they work insane hours, take abuse from patients and doctors both, and don't get paid a fraction of what Mr. White Coat does.

  5. You are so right!!! You know this stuff's right up my ally. YEah, just like the invisibility claoking they are now revealing. How long do you think that's been around? Coudl it be linked to the Phili. Experiment. Although its different, it is related. I'm sure there is so much going that we have no IDEA of.

  6. Amen to all the comments and your post.