Friday, July 3, 2009

Seguin Island Lighthouse -Bath, ME - Scores 5/6

Go ahead and say it, lighthouses are always haunted. Yeah, this one seems to have a legend that would help support it. Apparently a lighthouse keeper and his wife moved in and she had a piano, but only one sheet of music. Legend says, after playing it so many times over and over again, he took an ax to the piano, to her, and then killed himself. Some would say Maine winters alone could cause that kind of reaction, but it actually has some good elements for a haunting to occur:

1. Land is sedimentary rock, gneiss and schist.
2. Water surround.
3. Stone lighthouse (I think the roundness of the structure is helpful too, but we'll discuss that another time).
4. Built in 1800s.
5. Murder/suicide.

Tomorrow, I should be able to add on the last few entries and then next week we can begin to examine the statistics on physicality alone (not including evidence of haunting which will be my next phase).

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