Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reader's pick

Hey everyone! Since I looked at my last few entries on the list of 50 places I'm researching, I found that pulling them out of a hat, I got too many places in Savannah. I would like to replace one of those places with a site one of you suggests. Please let me know if you have heard of any local haunted sites around you that you'd like me to include in the list. I think tomorrow I should be done with showing all the entries--finally. Then, we go on to statistics (wahoo--not!)


  1. How about Jerome and the states in the upper middle of the country (near Canada).

  2. Julie;
    Hey--thanks. Yeah, I had a very very hard time finding Dakotas/Wyoming/Idaho/Montana places (mostly the outdoors are haunted). I did get some Michigan, but I wouldn't mind finding a Wisconsin. I don't want to be too particular to AZ since I did several here. Yahoo--I found one in Wisconsin that is "certified" haunted (hee hee). Thanks!