Thursday, July 2, 2009

Old Gila County Jail - Globe, AZ - Scores strong 5/6

This particular site had me rethinking a few things about construction of the building which is haunted. I've definitely found that frame homes aren't real good conductors for hauntings, but it appears that concrete may be equal to stone (in that it's made from crushed granite, limestone, and gravel). This reinforced concrete building used a jail from 1910 until it closed in the 70s, combined with the amazing geology of the land, makes a wonderful "conduit."

Apart from the fact I myself had seen a full-body apparition for the first time in my life in this jail's attic, I do admit if something is going to try to make such a huge show, this is an ideal setting.

1. Geology: This is a mining town for copper (a conductor of electricity). There is also schist and granite--fantastic elements.
2. Building: Reinforced concrete.
3. Near a train track.
4. History of death/trauma.
5. Older than 50 years.

I give this one a high 5/6 because of the geology--it's unbelievable and the fact that the building is basically all steel bars indoors and reinforced concrete. Although I don't profess to be a scientist, only self taught about such things, steel is magnetic and the earth there is a highly mined copper area and the combination seems to be very vulnerable to geomagnetic changes in the earth. The night I saw the full-body apparition here, there was also an electron flux alert (indicates geomagnetic activity). I think I must have been there at the ideal time for such a place of potential power to show me something amazing.


  1. You have talk about the paranormal activity in Globe, so I think it is definately on our list of places to visit. Our little group wants to do an Arizona run on haunted places. We figure that there are so many of them we can be busy for a couple of years. Glad to mentioned this place and it scored rather well.

  2. Julie, on your way to Globe (fantastically beautiful drive and surprisingly quick), you'll pass through Superior--they have a great cemetery there--very creepy. Miami (just before Globe) is definitely worth stopping. Most of the buildings are abandoned--very very creepy--beautiful picture-taking. Globe has the haunted inn that was once a schoolhouse, the cemetery which is fantastic, and of course the Gila County Jail. Bisbee, Tombstone, Globe, Jerome--all haunted towns and I think this makes a HUGE statement about geology in hauntings. I hope to correlate it some day when my research is further along.

  3. AHHHH Globe i live here I was actually just by the jail on halloween and we toured around globe talking about all the paranormal activity we have here. born and raised here and this is all i know is this small mining community i would not have it anyother way even if there are ghost around they are not here to harm they were just not ready to die and had no where to go after death. Maybe a little playful at times like moving things about but no harm done. the history behind Globe is really what matters this is like the beginning of arizona. Cowboys and indian status. no matter what happens here it is my home and love everything about it with ghost or not lol.

  4. I have been a resident of Globe for about seven years. I recently went to the jail for the first time and was amazed! It defintely should be toured by those looking for paranormal activity. There is so much history in this town and the outlying towns, much of which is violent. There are so many haunted homes, businesses, and nature spots that I don't think anyone looking to do some paranormal research here, could ever be disappointed!!!!

  5. Amber;
    Miami and Globe, Bisbee and Jerome--there's a reason those areas are so haunted and it's tied to a rich geology combined with a colorful history. You can nearly feel it in Globe as you go in and out of the buildings.